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Monday, May 30, 2005

Fla. County Urged To Ditch Voting Machines

I see. The results of the elections were still not to your liking so of course it had to be the voting machines that were at fault. It couldn't possibly be that the voters actually voted the way they did.
Huh. I've looked at several sites and cannot find which party Mr. Lester Sola belongs to. Coincidence ? Even the official Miami-Dade Government Site does not disclose his affiliation. Huh.

I've now gone through around fifty pages trying to ascertain his party affiliation. Nothing. I wonder why that would be ?

I sent off the following e-mail to see if I could find out:
I was wondering sir, I've been trying for an hour to ascertain your party affiliation with no success. I've visited hundreds of web sites and have as yet found no mention as to what party you belong to, if any. Would you care to disclose it ? Thank you in advance.

E-Mail Lester Sola

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