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Sunday, May 15, 2005

My Letter To Newsweak

Feel free to embellish.
I demand that you fire immediately Mark Whitaker, Michael Isikoff and John Barry and all involved in the scandalous report that left several dead and will undoubtedly leave more dead in the future. The report that your magazine ran alleging that our soldiers were desecrating the Koran was based upon one person's hearsay. You had no other evidence other than one "a knowledgeable U.S. government source". Yet your alleged "news" magazine chose to run the story without any collaborating witnesses. Your story caused and will continue to cause untold deaths around the world for the sake of a fictitious story that you hoped would discredit and dishonor our President, our Military and our Country. You should all be brought to trial on charges of slander, libel, sedition, giving aid and comfort to the enemy and treason. What your organization did goes past reprehensible. You deliberately sabotaged our nation's quest for a better world and peace with the faith of Islam. Despicable does not begin to describe your character.

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