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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Three Snails Thought Extinct Discovered

"Those snails and mussels have a lot to do with quality of life for the people of Alabama,"

'dem's good eat'n !
Alabama is known to be the nation's top spot for extinct and imperiled mollusks
Now there's a reason to be put on the map !
I've always said it was my favorite snail
Huh... I don't seem to have a favorite snail...
The scientists were so excited upon discovering the snails that they all started doing the "Happy Dance"... whereupon they accidentally smashed all of the snails to death...

I'm still a little unclear here... did he find three snails belonging to one species or three different species ?
Rip Scornsby, a mollusk biologist who recently won a hot-dog-eating contest at an early season’s fair in Missouri, rediscovered the “cobble elimia” and the “nodulose” Coosa River snail while diving in the Coosa River searching for a contact lens that popped out of his right eye when an oar from his rowboat hit him in the head accidentally while being moved from one side of the rowboat to the other by a mentally challenged relative

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