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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Why Didn't You Deploy The Buses During The Mandatory Evacuation, Mayor ?

Louisiana disaster plan, pg 13, para 5 , dated 01/00

'The primary means of hurricane evacuation will be personal vehicles. School and municipal buses, government-owned vehicles and vehicles provided by volunteer agencies may be used to provide transportation for individuals who lack transportation and require assistance in evacuating'

The Ray Nagin Memorial Motor Pool. Hundreds of buses, abandoned and unused during the evacuation, now leaking tons of diesel fuel and motor oil into the already toxic water.

I guess it's Bush that failed to give the order to use those busses Mayor ? Maybe you're the racist here Mayor Nagin. Oh, that's right... Whites are the only ones that are capable of racism.
Typical Black Liberal mind set. Blame Whitey. Even though you were the one in control. You were the one with the resources. You were the one with the responsibility. Somehow it's Whitey's fault. I'm so sick of race-pimps like you Mr. Mayor I could spit.

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