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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hamas Suggests Using "Militants" (Terrorists) In Army

The leader of Hamas suggested Saturday that the Islamic group could create a Palestinian army that would include its militant wing - responsible for scores of deadly attacks on Israelis - in the aftermath of its crushing victory in parliamentary elections.

I guess giving up all of that land to the "Peace Loving" Palestinians paid off.
The Hamas chief, Khaled Mashaal, reiterated that Hamas would not recognize Israel and indicated attacks on Israeli civilians would continue as long as Israel continued to target Palestinian civilians. "As long as we are under occupation then resistance is our right," he said.

I am not aware of Israel ever having deliberately targeting civilians. Ever.
Hamas does on almost a daily basis. They are terrorists.
Speaking from his base in Damascus, Syria, Mashaal insisted his group would not disarm and said Hamas' military wing, estimated at nearly 5,000 gunmen in Gaza alone, could be merged into a Palestinian army.
"We are ready to unify the weapons of Palestinian factions, with Palestinian consensus, and form an army like any independent state," he said.

On December 9, 2005, Mashaal addressed a crowd in Damascus, Syria on the informal truce with the government of Israel that ends at the end of the year, stating that, "We will not enter a new truce and our people are preparing for a new round of conflict." The animal has never wanted peace. He is a warmonger and a terrorist. He's hiding in Damascus because he knows Mossad will kill him at the first opportunity, as well they should.
"If Hamas wants to be considered a partner in peace, it's very clear what it has to do. It has to renounce terrorism, disarm, accept Israel's right to exist and support political solutions to issues rather than pursuing violent jihad," Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said.

But they won't. Why would they ? Terrorism gained them land and the parliament.
Mashaal also said Hamas would abide by existing agreements with the country "as long as it is in the interest of our people."

In this madman's view, anything that benfits Israel is not in the interest of his people. As such, all agreements are null and void.
Israeli officials have said repeatedly that they would not deal with Hamas, and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Israel would not rule out targeted killings against Hamas leaders if they attack Israel. Israeli airstrikes in 2004 killed Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and his successor Abdel Aziz Rantisi.
"Whoever stands at the head of a terror organization and continues to carry out terror attacks against Israel is not immune," Mofaz told Israel's Channel 2 television.

As it should be.
"We are now no longer part of the cease-fire," an Al Aqsa gunman, Nasser Haras, told the crowd, referring to a year-old truce with Israel.

There you have it.
President Bush told "CBS Evening News" on Friday that the United States would cut aid to the Palestinian government unless Hamas, which the U.S. lists as a terror group, abolishes its militant wing and stops calling for Israel's destruction.

As we should.
Speaking at the World Forum in Davos, Switzerland, former President Clinton suggested Saturday that the West should be more open to eventual talks with Hamas.

Clinton, as always, fails to have a clue.

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