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Friday, September 24, 2010


The latest Super Villain

'Help, I'm in the trash truck!' Hapless 'thief' almost killed when his hideaway starts to crush him

When police were called out to a robbery at their local Wal-Mart , the suspected thief appeared to vanish into thin air.
For about 40 minutes on Wednesday morning, officers in Alliance, Ohio searched the area for a suspect who was accused of trying to sneak about $1,000 worth of merchandise out of the superstore's side door.
Then the police got a call from an man claiming to be his friend.
Alliance Police Lt. William Morris told Fox 8 News that the caller told police that his friend, James Brienzo, 37, had used his mobile phone to get help.

He was 'hiding in a dumpster behind a Wal-Mart in Alliance and he was hiding from police and it was just picked up and dumped in a trash truck and they were mobile and he needed help.'
Emergency operators also took a 911 call from a frantic Brienzo, begging them to find the truck. 'I'm in the back of a trash truck that keeps compacting me!' Brienzo said as dispatchers urged him to calm down.
Police say Brienzo was literally being compacted along with between six and eight tons of rubbish mostly discarded cardboard.

As Stark County Emergency Management officials used the signal from Brienzo's mobile phone to locate where he was, police were frantically searching Alliance for the truck.
During a 16-minute conversation, Brienzo told dispatchers he thought he was dying. 'I'm dying man,' he said, complaining his bones were being crushed, saying he knew he wouldn't walk again and screaming at the top of his lungs each time the truck driver picked up another load and compacted what was in the truck.
He is heard telling dispatchers at one point that he didn't care what happened to him, he just wanted to live.

'He was in pretty bad shape when the got him out, he didn't look too good,' Noel Hatfield told reporters.
'To be honest with you, I figured he was almost dead because that packs so tight in there,' said Mike Hatfield.
Lt. Morris said they still had trouble digging Brienzo's legs out of the pile as he appeared to be slipping in and out of consciousness.

The latest Super Villain

He's lucky the trash was mostly cardboard.
Paper doesn't compress.
A fact that can save your life in an earthquake, tornado or other event that could cause your building to collapse.
So the few millimeters of corrugated cardboard between the inner and outer surfaces of the cardboard would compress, that's about it.
Yeah, cardboard saved this guy's life.

It seems to me there was an episode of Batman where he and Robin were trapped in a garbage truck...

I was right. "Penguin Sets A Trend".

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Oh Noes ! Can the Dynamic Duo escape ?

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