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Friday, December 17, 2004

Humanity Divided In The Giant Overlord War®

Humanity, still caught in the middle of the epic Giant Overlord War®, struggles to find it's place.
Some choose to fight valiantly for human independence, sometimes with brief tastes of victory, sometimes with the bitter taste of defeat. Still others choose to Collaborate.

Seen here is a fresh recruit in London enlisted in service to the Giant Eyeball Overlords™.
When asked about her decision to join the ranks of servitude to the Giant Eyeball Overlords™ she replied "Sure they're kinda creepy, being giant eyeballs and all, but at least they're not smelly fish or feces throwing monkeys !". When this reporter informed her that neither the Giant Jellyfish Overlords™ nor the Giant Frozen Whale Overlords™ were technically fish, she replied "Well they still smell bad.".

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