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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Secret Weapon

What most of the world actually knows about America and Americans could fit into a small monkeys fist.

I recently had someone get "red faced furious" at President Bush and his not signing the Kyoto Treaty. When I explained that President Bush could sign on tomorrow and nothing would change, as the Senate is unlikely to ratify the treaty in any form, no matter how its presented. The Senate had already voted down the treaty 98-0 once before. This person simply didn't believe me, I then asked them why then didn't President Clinton sign on to Kyoto if it were so easy? He of course, didn't have an answer. He has always been told it was Only Bush that was stopping it. When I told him that it was actually American voters who had largely stopped Kyoto, he simply could not understand how it was so, and yet, it clearly was.

For some reason I cant yet fathom, Admirals are never in the running at all for President, either they are just smarter than Generals or they don't like the cut in pay and lack of status that will come with the step down from being an Admiral to becoming the President. It is a mystery.

This is a very well done piece. I didn't quote the best parts as to not spoil it for you. I have to BlogRoll varifrank. Well Done !

Hat Tip: Non PC in Latte Land

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