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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Happy May Day Comrades !

Activist spirit comes alive on May Day

Thousands of Communists rallied under pictures of Lenin and Stalin along with traditional red-and-white, hammer-and-sickle banners

Radical activists from the National Bolshevik Party and the Red Youth Avant-Garde political group fought briefly with riot police in the Russian capital

That's how I like to celibrate May Day... Bash a Commie's head !

This one really confused me:

French demonstrators used May Day to voice opinions on France's upcoming referendum on the European Union constitution and the government's decision to cancel a traditional Monday that falls on May 16 this year.

How does one go about canceling a Monday ? Traditional or otherwise ?

'Organise Or Die'
What's with the "Do (fill in the blank) or die" rhetoric liberals (AKA:Communists) use lately ? Remember the "Vote Or Die" crap from the election ? I don't recall anyone dieing from not voting.

Organise or die. Even the bible says so: 'It is not good for any worker to stand alone'.

Where in the bible does it say that ? Always be wary of Communists quoting scripture.

May Day attack on Tesco thwarted

Around 80 protesters, some wearing masks, were believed to be making their way to a Tesco store in Morning Lane, Hackney, east London

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