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Monday, May 02, 2005

Hillary Blames Bush for North Korea Nukes

"They couldn't do that when George Bush became president, and now they can," Mrs. Clinton complained to the New York Times.

What a load. Her husband's incompetent Administration started this mess and of course she blames Bush, hoping the majority of Americans are to stupid to remember what happened during the Clinton Administration and counting on the MSM not to remind us.
The top Democrat pointed her finger at the Bush administration despite a 1999 congressional finding that North Korea first obtained the capacity to develop nuclear weapons under her husband's administration, which actually gave Kim Jong Il nuclear technology in exchange for the promise that he would not make weapons.

The advisory group also warned that North Korea would soon be able to hit the U.S. with ICBMs - and blamed the Clinton administration for facilitating Pyongyang's progress.

Just so.

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