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Sunday, May 15, 2005

New Survey Finds Huge Gap Between Press And Public

Now there's a duh.
Given just one example of the MSM's craporting.
Six in ten among the public feel the media show bias in reporting the news
Well really, it's pretty f'ing obvious now isn't it ?
22% say the government should be allowed to censor the press
The Government did censor the press during World War Two. We won that war. Funny how the wars in which we lost or tied the media filled our homes with crap about how the war was unjust and un-winnable on a daily basis. Just as they're doing now. They also were free to spread lies about the conduct of our military and suppressed the conduct of our enemies just as they're doing now.
only 4 in 10 among the public feel that way (believe the media does a good or excellent job on accuracy)

Again, with all that the MSM has inflicted upon the American People, is this really surprising ? The MSM has lied to us. Demonstrably and arrogantly. More so over the past four years than at anytime in my lifetime. How can they even pretend to be giving us the unbiased facts in any story ? They can't. They have proven themselves to be liars and collaborators with the enemy in a time of war over and over again.

journalists reported picking Kerry over Bush by 68% to 25%

Why am I not surprised ? They never asked any hard questions of Kerry, of which there were hundreds of questions that need to be answered... Let alone asked. Kerry was a traitor and gave aid and comfort to our enemy (North Vietnam for you that attended Public Schools). The MSM gave that Traitor a complete pass and endorsed him on a daily basis for President of The United States ! UnF'ingBelievable. And they wonder why the American Public is rejecting them in droves ? More and more each day ? What a bunch of morons ! LOL ! I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pissed off at the MSM right now. Something needs to be done to stop them from spreading lies about our President, our Military, our Country. They must be held accountable for the filth they pour on us every day.

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