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Monday, May 30, 2005

Protests Hit Illegal Immigration Summit

More than 150 demonstrators used placards and bullhorns and waved Mexican flags to get their message out: "Racists, go home!" they screamed. "They're creating division among Americans," he said. "We don't need it."

Ah yes, the ever boring "Race Card". It doesn't matter that they're breaking the law, it's race that's the real issue. Typical Moonbat speak. If you can't when an argument logically, accuse the opposition of racism.

In a 45-minute speech Sunday, Gilchrist said a declaration of war is committed every time a Mexican flag is planted on American soil. "If this isn't a declaration of war, I don't know what is," Gilchrist said.

He may have a point there. See my earlier post: Mexicans Or Terrorists ?

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