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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Transgender Teen's Slaying Retrial Opens

Another jury deadlocked on the question last year after the defense argued for manslaughter, a crime committed in a heat of passion sparked by sexual deception. The defense infuriated Araujo's family and transgender activists who called it a case of blaming the victim.

According to testimony from the defendants' first trial, both Merel and Magidson had sex with Araujo and became suspicious that she was not biologically female.

If I had sex with someone and then found out I'd been mislead, I'd be pretty f'ing upset too. I don't think I'd kill the person though. I think the family and the activists are wrong in saying that it's a case of blaming the victim here. "Araujo" made victims out of the men as well. While the men were wrong in killing the person, he/she was cetainly not a totaly innocent victim.

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