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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Congress Challenges Court On Eminent Domain

Bills introduced in the House and Senate would yank federal funds from any city or state project that forced people to sell their property to make way for
a project like a hotel or strip mall.

Hope at last. Finally Congress is realizing that the "Supreme" Court has limitations. Write your Congressmen and tell them you support these measures !
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said at an earlier news conference that "very central in that Constitution is the separation of powers. "When you withhold funds from enforcing a decision of the Supreme Court, you are in fact nullifying a decision of the Supreme Court," Pelosi said. "This is in violation of the respect of separation of powers in our Constitution -- church and state as well. Sometimes the Republicans have a problem with that, as well.
"Violation of respect! What about the violation of the respect of the poor property owner! What about the respect for the inner city poor who can essentially be herded out of town with Supreme Court approval? Pelosi should
never again pretend to stand up for the poor or middle class. I am simply dumbfounded that the lead Democrat in the House would show such callousness......Forgive my attempt at fake outrage, but I will come clean. It is exactly what I would expect of Pelosi. Dumb politics and support for

Congress has the Constitutional right to pass laws over-ruling the "Supreme" Court. The word Supreme has gotten to their collective heads where they think they know better than anyone. They need to be reeled in and taught a lesson. Their decision last week assaulted every homeowner in the country. It must not be left unanswered.

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