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Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Moonbat Visited My Site. Thought I'd Return The Favor.

He left the lame "not" in response to my post Quote Of The Day.
Overwhelming argument there dude.
Here's his typical Moonbat post.
[T]he lesson
learned by the Republicans
[from the Watergate scandal] was the need to intimidate freewheeling journalists as much as possible and to make sure editors grant them little leeway in pursuing a politically sensitive story that could harm the conservative cause. When I interviewed Spencer Oliver [R. Spencer Oliver, a Watergate-era Democratic staffer] in 1992, he told me, “What [the Republicans] learned from Watergate was not ‘don’t do it,’ but ‘cover it up more effectively.’ They have learned that they have to frustrate congressional oversight and press scrutiny in a way that will avoid another major scandal.”
I went a little further than "not".

Here is my post.

I see. These "freewheeling journalists" should be free to present forged documents on President Bush's TANG service. These "freewheeling journalists" should be free to report missing weapons in Iraq that did not happen. These "freewheeling journalists" should be free to report on Koran/Quaran flushing that did not happen. So you're saying they should be allowed to lie to not only America but the world with no reproach, simply because by reporting lies that the lies "could harm the conservative cause". What about hurting America in the process ? Oh. Right. As long as it hurts Conservatives, (or America), who cares if it's fabricated ?

Oh, and the jerk has pop-up adds. Hates Capitalism but supports spam if it makes him money. Typical.

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