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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pretty Much a White, Christian Party

Republicans Not As Monolithic As Dean Suggests

I guess that "All White Club" would explain Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Colin L. Powell, Janice Rogers Brown, Frank Hanna, Patricia Janette Mazzuca, Micaela Alvarez, Christopher Jeffrey Barbic, Jose Guadalupe Conchola, Jaime Alfonso Escalante, Charles Patrick Garcia, Norma Sanchez Garza, Alexander Gonzalez, Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr., Jose Eugenio Hoyos, Francisco Jose Paret, Altagracia Ramos, Enedelia Schofield, Ofelia Saenz Vanden Bosch, Rene Vasquez, Octavio Jesus Visiedo, Claude Allen, and Antonio Candia Amador to name a few.

Bush has had the most diverse Cabinet and Nominees of any Administration, including your beloved Clinton. But then facts never seem to matter to Moonbats.

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