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Friday, July 29, 2005

CAIR Kills The First Amendment

Most Americans remember the pictures of Palestinians, among others, dancing in the streets, following 9/11. We remember the deafening silence of the Muslim community, which as a whole, only expressed worry about themselves being targeted, without really condemning the terrorists on any significant level. We remember all of the justifications for the attacks (oddly now echoed by some on the American left)

OK, I'll agree with Tran Sient that this is not strictly a "Freedom Of Speech" issue as the employer had the right to fire someone representing them.


They can spew their hate-filled rhetoric all they want, when someone calls them on it... it's "hate speech".

We need to wake up in this country, in this world. Muslims want to kill us or at the very least enslave us. It's been their doctrine since the terrorist Muhammad fouled the earth with his presence.

CAIR no doubt remembered that it had been caught by Joe Kaufman exploiting the 9/11 attacks to raise funds for two Hamas-linked fundraising organizations, the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) and the Global Relief Foundation.--[CAIR] is partially funded by terrorists… Terrorists themselves don't literally give out money, but organizations that fund terrorism also fund CAIR.

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