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Friday, July 29, 2005

Perhaps This Is Payback To The Boy Scouts Due To Their Excluding Atheists And Gays??

Ang really disgusted me with this comment:
"but perhaps this is payback to the Boy Scouts due to their excluding atheists and gays??"
Everyone has the right to decide with whom they want to associate with. The parents of those Boy Scouts do not want the values and views of atheists and gays inflicted upon their sons any more than they are already. The atheists and gays have enough influence upon their kids via the MSM. The atheists and gays are constantly shoving their agenda upon us via "objective news reporters" and television shows. If the atheists and gays want to form their own version of the Boy Scouts, they are free to do so. The parents of these kids choose to have their kids in the Boy Scouts because the Boy Scouts share values and views the parents agree with. You show your ugliness and pettiness by taking glee in the suffering of innocent children.

This is the "tolerant" left folks.

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