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Saturday, December 03, 2005

"No WMDs," over and over...

Besides the underground laboratories with prisons for human testing of bioweapons as well as vials of bioweapons that were found which were of a type that could be surge produced, the objective facts about Saddam's WMDs are there for anyone to research.

What is most interesting to me is when there is an opportunity to study how the Old Press supports its templates regardless of facts as in the case of the report written by the weapons inspector David Kay. The text of his report is available to anyone who knows to look for it. Yet in the Old Press there are thousands of headlines and reporting that read like this: Kay: No weapons yet, but evidence of intent. That's not what he said, simply read it for yourself to see. This is why blogging and other forms of New Media are undercutting the Old Press. It's simple really, they are lying. The Old Press lied and people died and continue to as terrorists work to manipulate journalists and journalists use their standard of if it bleeds it leads. What is truly amazing is how they sometimes snivel that the New Media has no accountability. As opposed to what? As if their form of accountability to liberal editors, ratings or money leads them to write stories closer to the truth?

An excellent post by mynym at Into Good and Evil.

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