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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Congress Challenges Court On Eminent Domain

Bills introduced in the House and Senate would yank federal funds from any city or state project that forced people to sell their property to make way for
a project like a hotel or strip mall.

Hope at last. Finally Congress is realizing that the "Supreme" Court has limitations. Write your Congressmen and tell them you support these measures !
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said at an earlier news conference that "very central in that Constitution is the separation of powers. "When you withhold funds from enforcing a decision of the Supreme Court, you are in fact nullifying a decision of the Supreme Court," Pelosi said. "This is in violation of the respect of separation of powers in our Constitution -- church and state as well. Sometimes the Republicans have a problem with that, as well.
"Violation of respect! What about the violation of the respect of the poor property owner! What about the respect for the inner city poor who can essentially be herded out of town with Supreme Court approval? Pelosi should
never again pretend to stand up for the poor or middle class. I am simply dumbfounded that the lead Democrat in the House would show such callousness......Forgive my attempt at fake outrage, but I will come clean. It is exactly what I would expect of Pelosi. Dumb politics and support for

Congress has the Constitutional right to pass laws over-ruling the "Supreme" Court. The word Supreme has gotten to their collective heads where they think they know better than anyone. They need to be reeled in and taught a lesson. Their decision last week assaulted every homeowner in the country. It must not be left unanswered.

Don't "Tag" Me.

I mean it.


Traffic Syndicate 25 Sucks

All you get for surfing there is spam sites. What's the point ? I wanted to see other Blogs.
Avoid at all costs.

Chicago Fireboats To Help Water Trees During Drought

City fireboats will help by watering trees along Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.

Have you ever seen a tree vomit ? - Roe Conn

Taiwanese Stock Broker Mistakenly Bought $255m

Taiwan trader buys $NZ359m in shares by mistake

Doing a bang-up job, thanks for coming in today.

Her company is now looking at a paper loss of more than $NZ17 million and she is looking for a new job.

Trader's extra zeros on share purchase cause TAIEX jump

The transaction caused the broader TAIEX to leap 57.63 points, or 0.92 percent, to 6342.45 points between 11:38am and 11:41am, according to the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp. Turnover was NT$9.41 billion during the 3- minute period.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


In the summertime !

I'm off to Illinois to celebrate my birthday with my evil twin. CYA when I get back !

Nun Dies After Crucifixion


Romanian nun dies after crucifixion

Crucified nun dies in 'exorcism'

Chained to cross, nun dies

Found via Babbling Bloggery

07/12/2005 - Followup: Romanian priest unrepentant after crucifixion of nun

Teach Your Children Well, Please

Not knowing history is worse than ignorance of math, literature, or almost anything else. Ignorance of history is undermining Western society's ability to talk straight and think straight. Parents must attack the problem by teaching
their own children the facts. Only fools would rely on the schools.

Found via Crystal Clear.

Conservative Rant Comments On Dick Durbin.

Here is a photo of the Nazi handiwork at Buchenwald, Dick. Are you sincere when you compare this atrocity to what is going on at Guantanamo? Not only are there no piles of corpses at Camp Delta, there has never even been a single death. You need to apologize, profusely, to the American servicemen at Gitmo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Gemini Dies


I was really hoping the little thing would survive.

Sailor Moon, Robot Chicken Style

Click the pic to play
(Windows Media Viewer 8MB)

From Robot Chicken

Follow Up 10/23/2005: This post sure gets a lot of people coming here from Google and MSN searches.
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What's That Steering Wheel Be ?

Click the pic to play
(Windows Media Viewer 1MB)

From Robot Chicken

Friday, June 17, 2005


Click the pic to play
(Quicktime 141MB)

This should be a movie.

Warning The file is 141MB so high-speed is pretty much a must.

Play With Mesml

Found at clankennedy

Click on the highlighted objects to play with Mesml.

Warning: The file is 13MB so high-speed is pretty much a must.

Gemini The Kitten Born With Two Faces

Oregon Cat Born With Two Faces

"They should name it Hillary" - Neil Boortz

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gator Wrestling 'Invalid' Jailed

A benefit cheat who was photographed wrestling an alligator while claiming he was "virtually unable to walk" has been jailed for 12 months.

Water Balloon Prank Takes A Dangerous Turn

Teen may not see again

Don't They Wipe The Toilet Seat Before They Sit Down ?

Baby No. 15 will arrive in January 2006

Workers Keep Right To Flirt

That's right. You have the right to flirt. It's in the Constitution ! Go ahead, look it up. I'll wait.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

One Night Changes A Life, And Calif. Town

This is a really great, heart-warming story.

GOP Chairman Walks Out Of Raucous Hearing

The Republican chairman walked off with the gavel, leaving Democrats shouting into turned-off microphones at a raucous hearing Friday on the Patriot Act

Good for him ! LOL !
GOP chairman halts Patriot Act hearing
when four witnesses picked by the Democrats began broad denunciations of Bush's war on terrorism and the condition of detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Chairman James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., showed his pique.

"We ought to stick to the subject," the chairman scolded at the end. "The Patriot Act has nothing to do with Guantánamo Bay. The Patriot Act has nothing to do with enemy combatants. The Patriot Act has nothing to do with indefinite detentions."

Damn straight. If the Demoncrats can't keep to the subject then to hell with them. Good to see someone has had enough of their nonsense.

CSPAN has it all on video.
This is a great watch. He really gives them a good tongue lashing ! You have got to watch this !

Let me thank the Chairman for convening the hearing even though he's doing it by the rules and he's being a bit testy - Mel Watt

Oh, I see, he just cut off Dan Lungren (R) when he ran out of time the same as he did to everyone. It seemed pretty balanced to me. "even though he's doing it by the rules" Doesn't that just say it all ? I mean really. How pathetic is it when you complain about the Chairman following the rules ? I found it interesting that Mr. Watt could not think of one thing to ask the "witnesses".


These "witnesses" kept droning on and on about torture committed by our government and our armed forces; yet they were never able to site one example of actual torture. Humiliation... sure. Torture ? No. And the "examples" they alluded to had nothing to do with the Patriot Act.

Trent Franks had a good point. The detention of aliens happened before the passage of the Patriot Act. Therefore the Patriot Act had nothing to do with it. Besides, aliens have no rights under the Constitution. Only Citizens do.

The numbers appear to go must higher. - James Zogby

Oh. they appear. Well. appearances are fact for Moonbats.

Horrific treatment
But again, no proof. Huh.
Isn't a fact that those being held in Guantanamo Bay are not being detained by any authority contained in the Patriot Act. Point in fact: if the Patriot Act was repealed today, would it have any effect on the detainees in Guantanamo Bay at all ? - Trent Franks

Nope. But hey ! The Demoncrats want to change the subject ! How unfair of the Rebublicans to stick to the discussion at hand !
Regulations, memos I can't point to because we haven't seen them in writing. But we know it exists. - Carlina Tapia-Ruano

Then she goes on to "quote" documents that she has never seen ! She actually said Quote ! WTF ? This passes for testimony ? She should work for SeeBS ! Even if these documents exist... WTF does it have to do with the Patriot Act ? NOTHING
You haven't seen them but you magically know they exist ? You're testifying that you know something you haven't even seen ?

Chris Van Hollen spouted a lot of rhetoric that had nothing to do with the PA. Blah Blah Blah.

They kept going on and on about this and that, but never sighted one provision of the PA.. which was suppposed to be the subject at hand. Huh.
Mike Pence's address was right on target.
Oh. Then there was Sheila Jackson Brown. She showed up late. She went way off the subject. Bringing slavery into this. WTF does that have to do with the PA ? Uh. Let me think... uh... NOTHING Then some how found a way to blame America for the Holocaust ! Again, WTF does that have to do with the PA ? Then this race-bater brings up the civil rights movement of the sixties. WTF does that have to do with the PA ? Uh. Let me think... uh... NOTHING Let me think here for a sec... Who has attacked us ? Racially ? ARABS. Religiously ? MUSLIMS. THESE ARE FACTS. People like her want us to ignore the FACTS and search little old ladies as much as we search Arab Muslims. Read the damned Koran. It tells them to kill us. In no uncertain terms. They started this war. We must end it. She could not even remember her own "witnesses" names.
Then she claimed that "under the PA, we have Minute Men on the border".
What a bunch of crap ! Where in the hell does the PA call for the formation of an independent organization willing to patrol out borders ? Lie lie lie. Typical Demoncrat.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Koran - The Illustrated Guide To Jihad

Dean does a little research into the religion of peace.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Interview With A Former ACLU Lawyer

The ACLU has become a fanatical anti-faith Taliban of American religious secularism

Good stuph over at Stop The ACLU.

Thanks Microsnot. Couldn't You At Least Kiss Us First ?

Some automatic Windows update FUBARed systems at several of our client sites this morning. The video was set to four bit. We had to talk our clients through reinstalling the video drivers. Grrrr.

It turns out that the problem would only appear on Dell PCs that had pcAnywhere installed.

A Day That Will Live In Infamy

On this day, 1943, The withholding tax on payrolls was authorized by the U.S. Congress.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

MoveOn Treads Where Facts Fear To Go

A protest organized June 1 by MoveOn, a liberal political action committee, drew about 20 people to the Michigan Avenue office of U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton. Demonstrators protested Rogers’ ties to embattled House Majority Leader Tom Delay.

Wow. about twenty people. Impressive.
There was only one problem: They had the wrong Mike Rogers.

"Tom DeLay is the core of it," Rittenberg said. "I think it’s a sound petition."

Huh. You have people signing a petition based on lies and you think it's a sound petition. Typical Moonbat. The facts don't matter, what we want to be true is all that should matter.

Pretty Much a White, Christian Party

Republicans Not As Monolithic As Dean Suggests

I guess that "All White Club" would explain Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Colin L. Powell, Janice Rogers Brown, Frank Hanna, Patricia Janette Mazzuca, Micaela Alvarez, Christopher Jeffrey Barbic, Jose Guadalupe Conchola, Jaime Alfonso Escalante, Charles Patrick Garcia, Norma Sanchez Garza, Alexander Gonzalez, Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr., Jose Eugenio Hoyos, Francisco Jose Paret, Altagracia Ramos, Enedelia Schofield, Ofelia Saenz Vanden Bosch, Rene Vasquez, Octavio Jesus Visiedo, Claude Allen, and Antonio Candia Amador to name a few.

Bush has had the most diverse Cabinet and Nominees of any Administration, including your beloved Clinton. But then facts never seem to matter to Moonbats.

Mmmmmm...Donkey Burgers...

Found over at Comments from the Peanut Gallery.

Blair Calls for U.S. Action On Climate

Obviously Mr. Blair is unaware that Aliens cause global warming.


Do you think the season finale ruined NCIS ?



Don't Know

Don't Care

Man Delivers Pizza After Being Shot In Leg

Bullet wound doesn't stop Tampa man from delivering four pizzas

Careful Where You Keep Your Stuff

Click the pic to play

(Windows Media Viewer 1.7MB)

Backpack Jets

Click the pic to play
(Windows Media Viewer 3MB)

I have got to try this.

Love Your Car

The Mercury Mistress
(Windows Media Viewer 2.7MB)

How To Fold A Shirt

How To Fold A Shirt.

(Windows Media Viewer 1.9MB)

Did You hear That ?

officials were alerted by "flipping" noises coming from beneath her skirt

Body Parts Fall From Plane

Near JFK Airport, It's Raining Body Parts

Watch the video

Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's Interesting Running A Blog....

You never know what will make people leave a comment... let alone a Trackback. It's weird what some people feel worthy of commenting on, and what no one does. (shrug) I just post what catches my blue eye. I just could have sworn the eminent attack of the Cyborg Monkeys would have garnered some response... Just saying ;-P

Keep The Internet Free

Profmarcus and I agree on this much: Keep the FEC from trampling the First Amendment.

Airbags Increase Automobile Accident Deaths

I'll need to look into this further.

Profmarcus Needs A Brain Transplant

Take that personally.
He/She obviously not only went to public school, but most likely was indoctrinated by our great college system and has thus, lost the means to actually think and instead repeats mindless mantras mindlessly. Take pity in the mindless meatpuppet Profmarcus.

Follow up: The title and tone of this post was unfairly harsh. It turns out that Profmarcus is a pretty good sport. I disagree with Profmarcus on some things, but he seems like a pretty good guy.

A Moonbat Visited My Site. Thought I'd Return The Favor.

He left the lame "not" in response to my post Quote Of The Day.
Overwhelming argument there dude.
Here's his typical Moonbat post.
[T]he lesson
learned by the Republicans
[from the Watergate scandal] was the need to intimidate freewheeling journalists as much as possible and to make sure editors grant them little leeway in pursuing a politically sensitive story that could harm the conservative cause. When I interviewed Spencer Oliver [R. Spencer Oliver, a Watergate-era Democratic staffer] in 1992, he told me, “What [the Republicans] learned from Watergate was not ‘don’t do it,’ but ‘cover it up more effectively.’ They have learned that they have to frustrate congressional oversight and press scrutiny in a way that will avoid another major scandal.”
I went a little further than "not".

Here is my post.

I see. These "freewheeling journalists" should be free to present forged documents on President Bush's TANG service. These "freewheeling journalists" should be free to report missing weapons in Iraq that did not happen. These "freewheeling journalists" should be free to report on Koran/Quaran flushing that did not happen. So you're saying they should be allowed to lie to not only America but the world with no reproach, simply because by reporting lies that the lies "could harm the conservative cause". What about hurting America in the process ? Oh. Right. As long as it hurts Conservatives, (or America), who cares if it's fabricated ?

Oh, and the jerk has pop-up adds. Hates Capitalism but supports spam if it makes him money. Typical.

Washington Post Promotes Cowardice

So the agency continues to stay ready, as it has since 1980, when President Jimmy Carter and Congress revived registration as a show of force after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.

That and boycotting the Olympics really showed them huh ? These morons (AKA: Moonbats) still look at the Bush Administration as the ones looking for a draft. It was their sainted and incompetent Carter that set that back in motion, not any Republican. Why would we want to draft the dregs of the country when our all volunteer forces are the envy of the world ? Oh. Right. Logic has no effect on the left.

‘She told the audience of about 25…’

Make your own joke from that joke.

BP Leaving Colorado

I too was pissed when British Petroleum (BP) bought out American Oil Company (Amoco) I could see this coming then.

Man Stealing Gas Uses Lighter To Check On Progress

A tip for would-be gasoline thieves -- when stealing gas in the dark, don't use a lighter to see how you're doing.

Angry Israeli Husband Burns Fortune In Cash On Front Lawn

Israeli man angry with his wife over money matters set fire to three million shekels (680,000 dollars) on the lawn of his affluent suburban home

Quote Of The Day

Look, it's not that most Democrats are self-loathing anti-Americans, it's just that most self-loathing anti-Americans are Democrats

Hat Tip: Scared Monkeys