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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Time Of The Great Pumpkin

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Woman Hurt In Hot-Air Balloon Accident

A woman helping her husband launch his hot-air balloon was critically injured when her leg got caught in a rope and she was pulled up into the air and fell through the roof of a barn.

Kathleen J. Long, 53, of Phillipsburg, was in critical condition Monday morning at St. Luke's Hospital in Bethlehem, Pa. The accident happened Sunday in Bethlehem Township, N.J.

It was not clear how Long's leg got caught in the rope. Witnesses say she dangled from it for a short time and passed through several tree tops before she was knocked off.

She then fell about 50 feet and crashed through the barn roof, officials said.

Ow !

Woman dangles, falls from hot air balloon

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cue Cards

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I always suspected as much...

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Azerbaijan: Will The Orange Revolution Spread ?

With protesters actually taking to the streets, Azerbaijani opposition leader Rasul Guliyev has decided to end his nearly ten-year self exile and take his chances by returning to his country, which has a warrant out for his arrest. His alleged crime: Stealing government property. Problem is, the government he allegedly stole from no longer exists. That would be the Soviet Union.


Wikipedia's Entry.

Hat Tip: Trophy Husband

Honey, I Shrunk The City

Mayor C. Ray Nagin, who has vowed to resurrect his crippled city, conceded Tuesday that New Orleans will shrink to nearly half its pre-hurricane population and will have to make do with one-third of its previous budget.

He expressed continued frustration with a federal bureaucracy that has given him "very little" control over the hundreds of millions of dollars appropriated for Katrina relief. So many businesses have fled that Nagin has been forced to travel outside the state to try to woo them back. And, he said, it will be up to Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D) to decide whether the city's February primary elections will be held as scheduled.

The last thing that city needs is someone as inept as Nagin having more control over relief money.

Hat Tip:

DiCaprio Makes A Retard Of Himself On Oprah

Leonardo DiCaprio joined environmentalists to give Americans a pre-Halloween scare on Oprah Winfrey's chat show in the US yesterday (27OCT05), when he warned about the dangers of global warming.

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"Help yourself to a f'ing science book because you're talking like a f'ing retard."

Christian Girls Beheaded

Three teenage Christian girls were beheaded and a fourth was seriously wounded in a savage attack on Saturday by unidentified assailants in the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi.

Any bets when the attackers are found, what religion they'll belong to ?

Update: Christian Schoolgirls Beheaded from The Jawa Report.

Update: SHOCKER: Christian Teenage Girls Beheaded By Peaceful Muslims.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bye Bye

Predator Pumpkin

Britain: The Hottest October 27 Ever.

As the UK basked in the freakish heat, it seemed almost churlish to seek an explanation. But these days, in the shadow of global warming, extreme weather patterns come with a health warning attached. Why was it so warm?


You know what that means !

7.5 MB

We didn't listen !

Aliens Cause Global Warming

Suicide Mistaken For Halloween Decoration

The apparent suicide of a woman found hanging from a tree went unreported for hours because passers-by thought the body was a Halloween decoration, authorities said.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bloody Bones

"As Bloodybones carried his kicking, screaming victim across the pasture, he suddenly heard the disobedient sound of yet another little boy trying to stay up past his bedtime."



2.8 MB Windows Media Viewer

Hat Tip: Jim.

Demonizing Condi

USA Today Demon-Eyesed Condi.

Ask USA Today's Graphics and Photos Managing Editor, Richard Curtis (, what the ^$%#@+! is going on.

Is there anything that the MSM won't stoop to ? What did they get away with before alternative media came along to call them out ?

From the USA Today corrections:

Editor's note: The photo of Condoleezza Rice that originally accompanied this story was altered in a manner that did not meet USA TODAY's editorial standards. The photo has been replaced by a properly adjusted copy. Photos published online are routinely cropped for size and adjusted for brightness and sharpness to optimize their appearance. In this case, after sharpening the photo for clarity, the editor brightened a portion of Rice's face, giving her eyes an unnatural appearance. This resulted in a distortion of the original not in keeping with our editorial standards.

Oh. Right. "the editor brightened a portion of Rice's face" That explains someone photoshopping her eyes to be all white except for the pupils. This was direct and deliberate changing of only the pixels in her eyes. USA Today has joined the ranks of The New York Times and SeeBS.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.

Condoleezza eyes.

Black Conservatives Must Be Destroyed

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Syria, Straighten Out !

“...This week, the United Nations Security Council will hear a new report from an independent commission that points to Syrian involvement in the terrorist bombing that killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri, and 22 others last February. Syria is destabilizing Lebanon, permitting terrorists to use its territory to reach Iraq, and giving safe harbor to Palestinian terrorist groups. The United Nations has passed strong resolutions against terror. Now the United Nations must act -- and Syria and its leaders must be held accountable for their continuing support for terrorism, including any involvement in the murder of Prime Minister Hariri.”

President George W. Bush

I missed the speech.
I'll go watch or listen to it at the White House site.

Hat Tip: AubreyJ at

Pretentious Prissy PETA Person Provocatively Petrified

I laughed so hard at this PETA puss !

Hat Tip: David at MrsSatan.

Court Enforces Letter Of The Law

A Turkish court fined 20 people for using the letters Q and W on placards at a Kurdish new year celebration, under a law banning characters not used in the Turkish alphabet, rights campaigners said Tuesday.

Thank God I live in a country where I can use the letters Q and W !

Hey EU ! Are you sure you want asshats like the Turks in your little club ?

Monday, October 24, 2005

A Moment Of Silence Please

It appears that worldwidebloggies has also passed away in it's sleep.

Rest my friend, now you can rest.


Click the pic.

Hat Tip: ZardozZ News & Satire.

I tried linking and track-backing to ZardozZ, but his links and trackbacks are FUBAR. What can I say ZardozZ ? I tried !

A Moment Of Silence Please seems to have passed away in it's sleep.

Rest my friend, now you can rest.

Glimpse Into What We Face In This War On Terror

AubreyJ says: Very lengthy reads at the links below... but it gives one a good glimpse as to what we face as a Nation in this War on Terror......

A good gathering of worthwhile posts from AubreyJ at

Brazilians Reject Proposed Gun Ban

AubreyJ says: Very lengthy reads at the links below... but it gives one a good glimpse as to what we face as a Nation in this War on Terror......

A good gathering of worthwhile posts from AubreyJ at
Brazilians struck down a proposal to ban the sale of guns in a national referendum, rejecting a bid to stem one of the world's highest firearm murder rates in a debate that mirrored the gun control battle in the United States.

You can tell from that opening sentence which side the reporter was on.

Brazil has 100 million fewer citizens than the United States, but a staggering 25 percent more gun deaths at nearly 40,000 a year. While supporters argued gun control was the best way to stanch the violence, opponents played on Brazilians' fears that the police can't protect them in the campaign leading up to Sunday's vote.

Now I wonder why they have that statistic...
"I don't like people walking around armed on the street. But since all the bandits have guns, you need to have a gun at home," said taxi driver Mohammed Osei, who voted against the ban.

In other words, If only bandits have guns...
The proposal would have prohibited the sale of firearms and ammunition except for police, the military, some security guards, gun collectors and sports shooters. It would complement a 2003 disarmament law that sharply restricts who can legally purchase firearms and carry guns in the street.

So now the reason for the afore mentioned statistic becomes clear.
The 2003 disarmament law that sharply restricts who can legally purchase firearms and carry guns in the street.
They stripped the law-abiding citizens the right to purchase and carry guns and guess what ? That only encouraged the criminals ! If someone was thinking about committing a violent crime and knew that innocent people were legally prevented from protecting themselves, how can that help but encourage the criminal ? Duh !

NRA public affairs director Andrew Arulanandam called the proposal's defeat "a victory for freedom."
"It's a stunning defeat for the global gun control movement. They poured millions of dollars and millions more man hours trying to enact this gun ban and they failed. The aim of this gun ban movement was to use Brazil as the rallying point to enact gun bans in the United States. We're happy they were defeated," he said.


Poland's President-Elect Praises U.S.

Lech Kaczynski

This is good news ! :-)




792 KB Windows Media Viewer

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bathroom Floor Painting ?

Uh, No.

It's still kewl though.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !


1.1 MB Windows Media Viewer

I'm a twin so I found this particularly funny.

Thought I'd end today's postings on a lite note.

Islam's Prophet

The comparison is hardly favorable toward Mohammed:

  • Jesus is the Son of God (John 10:36),

  • Mohammed was only a man (Surah 18:110).

  • Jesus performed miracles (Mark 7:37),

  • Mohammed did not perform miracles (Surah 17:59).

  • Jesus knew what was inside people's hearts (Revelation 2:23),

  • Mohammed did not know what was inside people's hearts (Surah 11:31).

  • Jesus is our advocate with the Father (1 John 2:1 & 2),

  • Mohammed is not our advocate with the Father (Surah 9:80).

  • Jesus taught forgiveness (Matthew 5:38,39),

  • Mohammed taught revenge (Surah 2:194).

  • Jesus was sinless (1 Peter: 2:22),

  • Mohammed was sinful (Surah 47:19).

  • Jesus's words never change (Matthew 24:35),

  • Mohammed's words changed (Surah 16:101).

  • Jesus cast demons away (Matthew 4:24),

  • Mohammed associated with demons (Surah 46:29).

  • Satan had no influence over Jesus (John 4:10, 14:30),

  • Satan had influence over Mohammed (Surah 7:200).

  • Jesus healed the blind (Luke 18:35-43),

  • Mohammed turned away from the blind (Surah 80:1-10).

  • Jesus called on people to come to Him (Matthew 11:28-30),

  • Mohammed was admonished because he sent people away (Surah 6:52).

  • Jesus taught monogamy (Matthew 19:5,6),

  • Mohammed taught (and practiced) polygamy (Surah 4:3).

  • Jesus came to save lives (Luke 9:56),

  • Mohammed was called to destroy lives (Surah 48:16).

  • People free to accept Jesus' message (Luke 10:10,11),

  • people forced to accept Mohammed's message (Surah 9:29).

  • Jesus is the life - and His followers will live (John 11:25),

  • Mohammed died - and his followers will also die (Surah 39:30).

If you read the Koran and the history of the Religion of Hate, it will become clear to you that not only was Mohammed not a prophet; He was a thief, a rapist, a liar, a polygamist, an idolater, a plunderer, a coward, a hypocrite, a pedophile, a murderer and (most importantly) a terrorist. He was all of these things and worse. Today's followers of Muhammadanism can not help but be terrorists as well.

Prophet Of Doom

Islam's "God"

The Moon God

"Allah" is from the compound Arabic word "al-ilah" or in english "the God." This word has been found in pre-islamic writings and other archeological finds. At the Kabah in Mecca 360 gods were worshipped, but it was built especially for the chief deity - the moon god. Allah was the personal title of the moon god. Allah was married to the sun goddess. They produced three daughters, whose worship Muhammad would later make the mistake of condoning. The crescent moon symbol of Arabia came from this god. Muhammad's family revered this particular god, and Muhammad declared him to be the only true god. Muhammad did not re-make the pagan god, he simply removed the lower deities from the rites of worship. That is why he never had to explain who Allah was. So Allah is a deified pagan idol converted into a god in the 7th century. Yet Muhammad claimed this was the God of Abraham that was revealed thousands of years earlier to the Biblical prophets.

An African Asks Some Disturbing Questions Of Islam

It has always amazed me that so many blacks want to embrace Muhammadanism (Islam for the PC crowd). Brother Banda points out some interesting truths about the Religion Of Hate.
In the 1990's Sudan in north-east Africa has been suffering a Muslim jihad-war, thereby thousands of Christians and unbelievers have died, many by crucifixion, or have suffered by having their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off. Is it only coincidental that we find in the Qur'an, Sura 5 (the Table Spread) verse 33, the sanction for this very practice? "The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and his Messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off..."

From Cradle To Grave

7 MB Quick Time

A commercial for X-Box.

Agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Creatives Farid Mokart, Fred Raillard
Producer Andy Gulliman
Production Company Spectre
Director Daniel Kleinman
Producer Johnnie Frankel
Editor Steve Gandolfi, Cut & Run
Post Production Framestore CFC
Post Producer Helen MacKenzie
Post Coordinator Rebecca Barbour

Pretty intense.

Burning Hypocrisy

From HE!D! at Euphoric Reality:
U.S. Civilian Contractors: 4 Killed, 1 BURNED ALIVE By Sunni Muslims
In light of the global outrage surrounding burning Taliban corpses, I found this story particularly enraging: U.S. Confirms Killing Of Contractors in Iraq

From Jay at Stop The ACLU:

Nothing makes me more sick than hypocrisy. Especially when the left buy into the sympathy for the enemy crap. We all heard the whining recently when PSYOPs broadcast the burning of Taliban bodies.
Seems that if it is against their religion to desecrate dead bodies this way, that it does not apply to live bodies? Or does it just not apply to us infidels period? I’m sick of the PC crowd bowing to the enemy in sympathy. They are our weak link people. The enemy doesn't have this problem. They just do whatever they want.

I agree. Burn the bastards. I also say we grease our weapons with pig fat too. They desecrate their enemies (us) all the time and praise Allah while doing it. This Mr. Nice Guy approach is crap.

Allah, The Moon God And Islam

Did you know that Allah is not the God of Abraham as we have been told ?

Hat Tip: Stephen at A Bellandean.

More reading on the subject:

Was Allah The Moon God of Ancient Arab Pagan?

Allah - the Moon God

The religion of Islam has as its focus of worship a deity by the name of "Allah." The Muslims claim that Allah in pre-Islamic times was the biblical God of the Patriarchs, prophets, and apostles. The issue is thus one of continuity. Was "Allah" the biblical God or a pagan god in Arabia during pre-Islamic times? The Muslim's claim of continuity is essential to their attempt to convert Jews and Christians for if "Allah" is part of the flow of divine revelation in Scripture, then it is the next step in biblical religion. Thus we should all become Muslims. But, on the other hand, if Allah was a pre-Islamic pagan deity, then its core claim is refuted. Religious claims often fall before the results of hard sciences such as archeology. We can endlessly speculate about the past or go and dig it up and see what the evidence reveals. This is the only way to find out the truth concerning the origins of Allah. As we shall see, the hard evidence demonstrates that the god Allah was a pagan deity. In fact, he was the Moon-god who was married to the sun goddess and the stars were his daughters.

"Daughter-gate": Allah’s Daughters: el-Lat, el-Uzza, and Manat

The Cult of the Moon God

Try this Google Search.

Update 10/30/2005: Phony baloneyhadeen.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Exterminate Whitey

Dr. Kamau Kambon

Video Here. The sick bastard is almost at the end of the video. Fast forward.

And then finally I want to say that we need one idea, and we're not thinking about a solution to the problem. We're thinking about all these other things, but we're not dealing with a solution to the problem. And we have to start to think about a solution to the problem so that these young brothers and sisters who are here now, who are 15, 16 or 17, are not here 25 years later talking about these same problems. Now how do I know that the white people know that we are going to come up with a solution to the problem? I know it because they have retina scans, they have what they call racial profiling, DNA banks, and they’re monitoring our people to try to prevent the one person from coming up with the one idea. And the one idea is, how we are going to exterminate white people because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem. Now I don’t care whether you clap or not, but I’m saying to you that we need to solve this problem because they are going to kill us. And I will leave on that. So we just have to just set up our own system and stop playing and get very serious and not be diverted from coming up with a solution to the problem and the problem on the planet is white people.

I guess you're only a racist if you're white.

Irony: This racist pig is referenced by a site called The Logical Thinker. Warning The "Logical Thinker" has pop-up adds out the wazzo !

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


Found over at Jottings and Such.

Tagged With A Meme

Ken at Oblogatory Anecdotes freaking tagged me. I said don't.
But seeing how it's a simple question instead of one of those obnoxious lists...
If you could hang a sign on the ACLU building to draw attention to it, what would you put on your sign?

Actually Communists Lying Unilaterally.

OK. It's weak. That's why you shouldn't tag me !

Global Warming A Major Threat In Africa

Deadly epidemics. Ruined crops. The extinction of some of Africa's wildlife. The potential consequences of global warming could be devastating for the world's poorest continent, yet its nations are among the least equipped to cope.

7.5 MB

We didn't listen !

Aliens Cause Global Warming

The Evil Ford Sportka - Part Two


Here kitty kitty !

The Evil Ford Sportka - Part One

1 MB

Christine's a wimp compared to this car !

Friday, October 21, 2005

Cajun Checklist

CAJUN Hurricane Survival Kit

Toilet Paper........................................check

Bud Light...........................................check

Keystone Ice........................................check


Red Dog.............................................check

Misc. other bottles of alcohol......................check

Piece of plywood to float your chick and booze on......check

Click on the pic to enlarge

I don't know where or when this pic was taken, but it is funny.

Hat Tip: Fred.

Trespassing Charged In Horse-Sex Case

A follow-up to the Horse-Sex Case.

The criminal-trespassing charge stems from a July 2 bestiality session involving Tait, the 45-year-old Seattle man and a horse in a neighbor's barn, charging papers say. According to the King County Medical Examiner's Office, the Seattle man died of acute peritonitis due to perforation of the colon.
Attempts to contact Tait yesterday were unsuccessful.
King County prosecutors say it's the most-severe charge they could file; Washington is one of more than a dozen states that does not outlaw bestiality.
"There is no evidence of injury to the animal to support animal-cruelty charges," said Dan Satterberg, the county prosecutor's chief of staff. "This is the only crime we can charge."

The horse didn't seem to mind.

Hat Tip: Max.

Sports Car Boat

Click on the pic to enlarge

Click on the pic to enlarge

Click on the pic to enlarge

Click on the pic to enlarge

Click on the pic to enlarge

Click on the pic to enlarge

This guy's work is amazing.

Hat Tip: Fred.

Global Warming ! RUN !

7.5 MB

We didn't listen !

From: Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow.

Hat Tip: Max

Aliens Cause Global Warming

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bush Pisses Of Schwarzenegger

What was Bush thinking ? This was a stupid move. I'm really losing confidence in him.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Judge Decides Election Fraud Is A Constitutional Right

Three weeks before municipal elections will be held statewide, a federal judge has suspended Georgia's new voter ID requirement after finding the law imposes an unconstitutional poll tax and will not effectively combat voter fraud.

"The U.S. Justice Department reviewed and approved this law, saying it complied with the Voting Rights Act of 1965," House Speaker Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram) said. "Despite this review and approval, a Jimmy Carter-appointed judge has now ignored that decision, thwarting the best interests of the people of this state."

Legislators who voted for the measure said the ID requirement is needed to regulate voting and prevent voter impersonation fraud. They said the law allows anyone who cannot afford a voter ID card to sign an affidavit declaring they are indigent, allowing them to get the cards for free. A five-year state-issued voter ID card costs $20; a 10-year cards costs $35.

Huh, so the ID card is free but this ass claims it's a poll tax.
To quote Neil Boortz:
Look. This is all very simple. Why did Democrats oppose the law in the first place? Because Democrats want people who are not legally entitled to cast votes to go to the polls on election day. Democrats know full well that illegal aliens, felons, non-citizens and others not qualified to vote are far more likely to vote for Democrats than for Republicans. In several states there are proposals to allow non-citizens, and in some cases illegal aliens, to vote in local elections, and in every case those proposals are being put forward by Democrats. Democrats believe that their political survival might well depend on their ability to generate illegal votes on election day. They have a huge ally in Judge Harold Murphy.

Harold Murphy Says Showing ID at the Polls is a Tax

Should a valid ID be required to vote?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Still Not Feeling 100%

Sorry for the light posts. I am still getting over my illness. See you tomorrow.

I Love You Mamma

627 KB

These two should win the Academy Award !

Monday, October 17, 2005

Light Posts Today

Sorry for the lack of posts today. I fell ill yesterday evening. I could not go to sleep until well after 4:30 AM. I am of course tired. See you tomorrow.

9 Cases Of Brain-Wasting Disease In Idaho

No, it's not liberalism this time.

Seriously though, this is scary stuph.

The problem is that cases can only be conclusively diagnosed through an autopsy and four of the Idaho victims this year were buried without one. Two suspected cases tested negative. And three cases need more testing before C-J-D can be confirmed. A woman says no mortician in her area would agree to handle her husband's body after an autopsy, fearing they might catch the disease, so she skipped it.

The CDC should step in anytime a case like this is suspected. Isn't that what they're there for ?

Hat Tip: Drudge.

Health officials try to get to bottom of Idaho cases of rare brain disease

Idaho Cases Of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Intrigue Officials

Sunday, October 16, 2005

PETA Workers Face 25 Felony Counts

PETA employees Andrew B. Cook, 24, of Virginia Beach, and Adria J. Hinkle, 27, of Norfolk, were served with warrants on 22 felony charges of animal cruelty and the three felony charges of obtaining property by false pretense in court on Friday.

PETA employees face additional charges in N.C.

PETA workers face new charges

150 MORE Buses Went Unused In New Orleans Evacuation

If Nagin had called the RTA, he might have found 150 city busses that could have been to the Superdome in 10 minutes. They were in perfect condition and the route between them and the elevated interstate was dry the whole time.

Hat Tip: Right Thoughts.

Tories Will Scrap Tampon Tax

Period! Stephen Harper is set to reveal that a Conservative government would scrap the GST on tampons and sanitary napkins -- if his image makers can overcome their fear of what editorial cartoonists might do with such material.

Found over at Bacon and Eh's.

Bird Flew

An editorial from Emily Litella.

Found over at The Curt Jester.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

New Linky Love

From Shoot A Liberal:

I've added Noahware to my blogroll. Noah's got some great stuff on his blog. Video clips, commentary, and a picture of Dick Durban's giant head.

Go now. Enjoy. Put yourself on his guestmap.

And don't believe everything you see...

Good advice. Seeing is not believing in our day and age.

Especially here.

Nice to know I'm loved.

Life As A Guy

I was sent this years ago. It's still true.

She'll Do It ! She Will Crush This Baby If You Don't Click On The Link !

You were to late !

She did it !

Oh God !

Oh God !

Why didn't you click sooner ? Faster ?


Oh the humanity !

She squished the baby like a packet of ketchup !

Little baby guts all over the place !

How can you live with yourself ?

Looks kinda yummy....

Just kidding.

Michelle Kosinski, Shallow Reporter

535 KB

In one of television's inadvertently funny moments, the NBC News correspondent was paddling in a canoe during a live report about flooding in Wayne, N.J. While she talked, two men walked between her and the camera making it apparent that the water where she was floating was barely ankle-deep.

Hat Tip: News Busters

Here's a longer version (5.9 MB) of the video from The Political Teen.

I want to know who our two heroes were that exposed her.

What is especially sweet is that they lead into that "report" complaining that Bush staged an interview with troops in Iraq.

Follow Up 10/23/2005: This post gets a lot of hits from Google, MSN and 49Media. Welcome !
There's a lot more content on this Blog ! Click on the word Home below for more !

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ghostly Car Ad

782 KB Windows Media Viewer

Not for the faint of heart !

Hat Tip: Kevin

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Another beautiful work of art from Camille Allen.
I do so enjoy her work.

Welcome to all of you 49Media and Google users ! There's a lot more content on this Blog. Click here to go to the main page !

Grotesque Non-Reporting

If the president were to call for two plus two to equal four, the media would report that such a proposal had the support of only 42 percent of likely voters, and a slippage of even conservative support from 87 percent to 63 percent. Perhaps on the jump page, in the 38th inch of the story in the New York Times, they might get around to quoting a professor of mathematics from MIT to the effect that, in fact, the president was right that two plus two still equals four. But for television and radio break news, the story would end at the polling result, which is bad news for the president.

Hat Tip: Dr. Sanity who had this to add:

Yes, I noticed that, too. In fact, the MSM basically just yawned at the President's remarks and their concensus opinion seemed to be that there was nothing new in them. I wondered if they had been listening to the same speech I listened to. Every time I think I have used up all my outrage at the MSM and their continual enabling of the enemies of civilization, they surprise me by being even more egregious in their bias and anti-American attitudes.


Dick Durbin Wants New Tax On Oil Companies

Wikipedia's Entry on Dick Durbin.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (Democrat) proposed a new tax on oil companies' "excessive" profits Tuesday, saying the money could help consumers cope with the high cost of gasoline and heating oil.

These idiots either never learn or think that we never learn... or both.

If they raise the taxes on the company, the company will raise the price of the product to the consumer. Duh.

Saying gas prices are "the No. 1 topic of people I talk with," Durbin told reporters and a small crowd at Bauer Shell at 12th and Maine in Quincy that his proposed Windfall Profits Tax bill would turn profits back to programs assisting low-income families and provide additional revenue to the Highway Trust Fund.

Gee, the people I talk to talk about Iraq, the Hurricanes, the SCOTUS nominations and a plethora of other things before gas prices even come up. But Dick has a plan to shaft the rest of us for yet another tax increase and yet more subsidies.

"The key to this whole issue goes way beyond current situation," he said. "We have to reduce dependence on foreign oil. The United States is so dependent on foreign oil that we have to literally hold the hands of sheiks of Saudi Arabia, begging them to send us enough oil to keep our economy moving forward."

Well, I must admit he got that part right. But he's part the crowd that won't let us build new refineries or drill for oil in our country. Measures like this won't help.