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Saturday, February 04, 2006

TYAT: The Happiest Day Of My Life

Ten years ago tonight, the happiest day of my life.
It was a Sunday.
You came back and told me your decision.
You wanted us to be a couple.
I was so overwhelmed with emotion.
My hopes and prayers had been answered. A dream had come true.

We kissed for the first time, the sweetest kiss I had ever known.

The woman I had loved for so long was in my arms at last. My heart was pumping so hard I thought my chest would explode. After all those years...

I was the happiest man alive, I never knew a person could feel such joy, that I could feel so much happiness, it was like living my dreams.
I wanted so much to make you as happy as you made me, to make your dreams come true.

I thought I would get the chance to do so.

We made plans to get together Tuesday.
I knew everything was going to be different from this day forth.

I fell asleep that night feeling like God had smiled upon me.

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