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Thursday, February 02, 2006

TYAT: The Second Happiest Day Of My Life

Ten years ago tonight: The second happiest day of my life.
It was a Friday night.
Years after I told you how I felt and you left.
You came to see me and talk with me unbidden. After not seeing you or talking with you for years and what seemed an eternity, you came back.
You said that you'd been thinking and that you thought you wanted to be with me.
Were my dreams coming true ? Was this just another dream ?
I asked you if you were sure. Had you thought through the consequences.
You weren't, you hadn't.
I told you the time while you were gone was an agony. I wanted us to share life together more than I wanted life. I couldn't stand to have us be a couple only to lose you again. The pain would be unbearable.
I asked you to go home and think about it, search your heart, search your soul, search your mind and come back in two days and tell me your decision.
We hugged and I watched you leave that night hoping for Sunday and your decision.

I was happy you had come. Happier than I ever thought was possible. I dared to hope that dreams can come true.

Ten years. It's hard to believe it's been so long ago.

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