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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Two Legged Puppies

Precious Pups Born Without Front Legs

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. Three puppies at the North Shore Animal League were born missing both of their front legs, and while they're stealing the hearts of the center's employees, they're now in need of good homes.

The 4-month-old chihuahua siblings, Carmen, Pablo, and Venus were all born without front legs, but they are otherwise perfectly healthy, happy, and full of life. "They are healthy dogs that don't know that they have something wrong, and since they have each other, they are happy," said Donna Imhoff, Senior Veterinarian at the NSAL.

To get around, the puppies hop on their hind legs. Still, there are now hopes that a special wheeled device could be developed.

"If some kind of body-glove could be made, kind of like a scuba diver would wear, with wheels on them, then that piece could grow with the puppies," Yohannan said.

Anyone interested in giving Carmen, Pablo, and Venus a loving home, the shelter would prefer to keep them together. For more information and to track the puppies' progress online, click here.

They're so cute ! I'd love to have a two legged puppy !
I've wanted one ever since I first saw Faith !

But two legged chihuahuas ! How cute would that be ?!?
Plus it's a well known fact that chicks dig two legged chihuahua puppies !

Port Washington, New York is a bit of a drive though.
So I decided to check the local animal shelters instead.
It turns out that puppies being born that way is pretty rare, but they did have a lot of four legged puppies.

So I picked one up and then drove over to the hardware store to buy an axe.

Stupid thing wouldn't stop squirming and, well... I chopped the wrong darn thing off !

Click the pic to play the video

Oh well... guess I need to go back to the shelter and try again.


It occurred to me that I can use the spare legs and penis to make a puppy with six legs and two penises !

A little glue, some sutures, and presto ! Sextapuppy ! Or Octapuppy if you count the penises.

I had wanted to create a six legged two penised (two penie ?) chihuahua puppy, but with the price of gas I couldn't justify driving to the shelter again. Besides, my neighbor never leashes his puppy so I figured what the heck !

Neighbor: "What are you doing with my puppy ?"
Me: "Your puppy ? Does your puppy have six legs and two penises ?"
Neighbor: "Well... er... no."
Me: "Then get off my lawn or I'll sic my two legged chihuahua on you !"

People really hate having two legged chihuahuas snipping at their heels. Tends to freak them out.

I think the puppy turned out much better than my attempt to create a two faced kitten.

Or the time I tried creating a cyclops kitten.

Kittens just aren't durable enough I guess.

Now, if I can only create a four assed monkey...

Chicks really dig four assed monkeys !
Except when they start flinging their poo... that part chicks don't dig so much...

Update 5/29/2007:

Today if you type in "two legged puppies" at Google, I'm third in the list !
Guess that makes me an expert !

Update 5/29/2007:

Also if you type in "six legged chihuahua" at Google, I'm first in the list !

Guess that makes me the expert that other experts turn to so they can become all expertized in the field of six legged Chihuahua expertise !

(even though I didn't technically create a six legged Chihuahua, just used parts of Chihuahuas to create a six legged puppy).


david drake said...

"Hell's Pass Veterinary Clinic paging Dr. Mephisto...paging Dr. Mephisto....."

Noah Bawdy™ said...

Thanks for getting the joke.