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Friday, July 13, 2007

McCain Is Delusional

Sen. John McCain said Friday that only "contracting a fatal disease" will cause him to drop out of the presidential race before the primaries begin, as he vowed to take his campaign directly to the voters of New Hampshire and other early-voting states as a means of compensating for his financial difficulties.

McCain, R-Ariz., told reporters after a speech in Concord, N.H., that he will concentrate more on town-hall meetings and bus-tour campaigning to connect with voters. He vowed to fix the fund-raising woes that have left him with just $2 million in his campaign account, but suggested that money won't be the determining factor in New Hampshire or elsewhere.

"Fix the fund-raising woes" ? Yeah, good luck with that.
Your own bills are a fatal disease, politically speaking !
At this point Ron Paul stands a better chance of getting the nomination than McCain does. You can't piss on the base with crap like McCain-Feingold, then piss off the base with McCain-Kennedy and then expect people to vote for you (let alone send you money). Only someone that has lost all touch with reality would think he still stands a chance.

"My position on immigration was obviously not helpful with the Republican base."

Gee, ya think ?
I think my position with the war in Iraq has not helpful with independents," he said. "But I take responsibility for those positions, as well as taking responsibilities for any -- quote -- 'problems' that we had within the campaign."

Ya think maybe the 'problems' you've had with your campaign might have something to do with the fact the monetary contributions from and the votes of the Republican base are the only way to win the Republican nomination ? Seems kind of a duh to me McCain.
Tell you what John, try performing an abortion on a woman whose gun you confiscated, then steal money from her to give to the "disadvantaged fill-in-the-blank". Don't forget to say how the government should pay for the abortion too. Maybe that will get the base to back you. It would work as well as anything else you've done.

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