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Sunday, September 19, 2010

And Now For My Next Trick...

Janis Ollson

From Carol Sanders, Winnipeg Free Press:
Janis Ollson and family are in magazine ads for the esteemed Mayo Clinic for a good reason: She's the first ever to be cut in half by surgeons to remove much of a cancerous midsection -- and then put back together with a happy ending.

Three years ago, the 31-year-old Manitoba mother was pregnant with her second child and had been suffering years of intense back pain when Canadian doctors diagnosed her with bone cancer.

Sarcoma experts in Toronto said they would literally have to cut her in half to get at the untreatable cancer, remove her leg, lower spine and half her pelvis.

The problem was they didn't know how to put her back together again. They consulted with the Mayo Clinic and the Rochester, Minn., doctors decided to attempt something that had only been tried on cadavers.

After much rehabilitation, she put her mobility to the test this May, walking down the aisle of their church on husband Daryl's arm, on her way to the altar to renew their vows on their 10th anniversary.

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