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Friday, September 24, 2010

Sean Bielat

You want the guy on the left

Sean Bielat For Congress.
When he's not killing terrorists, he's building f'n robots that kill terrorists.
Oh, and he's running against Bawney Fwank.
There's that too.

Major, U.S Marine Corps Reserve
Independent Consultant. Helped client companies build market strategies

Program Manager, iRobot Corporation. Led $100 million, 100 person business line providing life-saving defense robots used to destroy roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan

Chairman, NATO Industrial Armaments Group. Led an international team studying the potential for use of advanced reconnaissance technology in urban warfare

Management Consultant, Mckinsey & Company

Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps (active duty)

I gave to his campaign on Friday, September 17.
Please do the same.
Sean Bielat


fredrick said...

You can also support Sean's campgaign from your smart phone by visiting

Please get this out to your mobile friends on facebook and twitter.

The mobile fund raising site went live today 09/30/10

The Bielat campaign is the first campaign to use this new mobile technology.

Noah Bawdy™ said...

Thanks fredrick !

阪神ジュベナイルフィリーズ said...

阪神ジュベナイルフィリーズ 2010を徹底予想!!過去の結果やデータから分かる高配当の法則…出走馬の状態などを現地のスタッフからお届けします!