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Sunday, September 19, 2010

They Said Reagan Couldn't Win Either

It almost seems as if history is repeating itself, at least for conservatives. The surge of conservative, Tea Party candidates beating entrenched moderate and in many cases RINO Republican candidates who have been part of the DC establishment for years or a least well known in the GOP elitist circles has been a shock to some and a nightmare to others.

The conservative surge has shown the true anger and disgust of voters as well as the poor attitude of many of the defeated entrenched candidates as well as pundits. For example after the stunning defeat of RINO Mike Castle by conservative Tea Party backed Christine O'Donnell, Castle revealed his true colors by publicly stating he would not endorse nor support O'Donnell although she was the clear choice of Delaware voters.

We have witnesses another RINO entrenched GOP candidate who could care less about the will of the voters and went even further than the sore loser attitude of Mike Castle. In Alaska, Lisa Murkowski was defeated by Tea Party conservative Joe Miller and though initially conceding to the will of the people has announced that she will ignore voters decision and run as a write in candidate for the Alaska Senate seat.

All around the country conservative Tea Party, Sarah Palin backed candidates have overwhelmingly defeated entrenched GOP Washington insiders or well know state insiders running for federal offices and it has both scared and angered the elitist GOP establishment and brought on the commentary wrath of pundits who have gone on the record condemning voter decisions and claiming that many conservative candidates cannot win against Democrats because they are too radical for the voters in their respective states, especially those in the Northeast.

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They telling us we can't win only makes us more determined !
This year we take back our party and our country !

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