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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ann Barnhardt Rocks

So Piss Christ was by Andre Serrano, not Robert Mapplethorpe.
Both of these sicko leftest pigs have been financed by the National Endowment of the "Arts"... AKA our tax money.

I love the bacon bookmarks.

Give them Hell Ann !

I was going to burn a Koran for every innocent person that gets killed by these savages, but Korans aren't cheap. I guess a lot of people are buying Korans for burning. So I'll just burn one a week and flush the ashes down the toilet.

I think I'll rip out the pages that endorse killing, raping, pedophilia, perversions, looting and maiming to use for toilet paper. That should leave me with a steady supply of toilet paper.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Koran that needs some burning.


Harvey said...

Actually, there are Muslim organizations that give away free Korans.

It's how I got mine.

I use it for a doorstop, mostly, since I don't have a decent firepit.

Noah Bawdy™ said...

Thanks for the tip Harvey !