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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Tau Day !

Tau Day, the counterpart to the idea of March 14 (3/14, as in 3.14) being Pi Day. The idea comes from “theoretical physicist” Michael Hartl who has a particular bugbear: he hates the idea of putting the emphasis on the ratio of circumference to diameter.

Something else that's special about today:

6/28 is the only day of the year where both the day of the month and the number of the month are perfect numbers: that is, a number that equals the total of the numbers it can be divided by, such as 1+2+3=6 or 1+2+4+7+14=28.

Hat Tip: Geeks are Sexy

Also, today is my birthday :-)

1 comment:

Spockgirl said...

Happy Belated Birthday, and thank you for this post. I now know that I am not a geek.