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Thursday, September 08, 2011


So I was "volunteered" to take training classes and participate in a project using something called Pega. The company that created this system is Pega Systems, get it ? Anyway, I'd never heard of Pega and had no idea what this project was about. It turns out that this may be the best thing to happen to me in years ! The system is Übercool and I will finally be a Programmer/Analyst/Developer again instead of cranking out boring SQL Scripts and Stored Procedures. The team is very enthusiastic and happy. I should finally find some of the camaraderie that has been sorely absent in my current team. The entire way of thinking and doing is totally different from everything else at the place I work, more like things are done in for profit business. They do code reviews ! When I heard that I said, "Finally". The head of the project asked me, "What ?". I said, "Finally. It's driven me nuts since I started here that you have five or six people reviewing and double-checking everything EXCEPT the code !" Plus I learned today that expereince in Pega is in VERY high demand. I'm talking six figure income demand. I really think this is going to work out great !

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