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Monday, May 30, 2005

The "Bad" Economy And "High" Gas Prices

I went and visited my folks this weekend. They live on Table Rock Lake. (Actually they live on the shore of Table Rock Lake because the house would sink if they lived on Table Rock Lake... but I digress.) The lake is rather remote from most areas of significant population. Yet there they were. Hundreds of boaters happily blowing their money and having fun. I don't recall a Memorial Day Weekend with more tourists. Despite the MSM's harping on how tight things are and how gas prices are choking the life out of us. They were there. I guess none of them read about how hard things are today. They obviously didn't read the newspapers or watch the television reports telling them that they couldn't afford a vacation, telling them that gas prices were draining them dry. If they did bother to read or listen to the MSM, how then do you explain so many hundreds of boaters in our little stretch of water alone ? Could it be the MSM was pushing an agenda again ? Hmmm.

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