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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

DeLay Indicted !

A Texas grand jury on Wednesday indicted Rep. Tom DeLay and two political associates on charges of conspiracy in a campaign finance scheme, forcing the House majority leader to temporarily relinquish his post. A defiant DeLay insisted he was innocent and called the prosecutor a "partisan fanatic."

Blunt picked to replace DeLay as US House leader

Tom DeLay — A Good Friend to Have

Something I didn't know about Tom DeLay. By Van Helsing at Moonbattery.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Moonbat Mindset: If The Facts Bother You, Delete Them

jay, The Old Hippie
jay, The Old Hippie


Just look at that face.

This is one tired old hippie.

He's seen everything he's believed in to be proven false. Yet still he believes.

You've got to admire perseverance, don't you ?

I posted a comment on jay's blog Sunday.
He deleted it.

I guess when you're a rabid moonbat, facts should be destroyed.
Here's our thread from today:

Noah Bawdy said...
Hey jay, thanks for deleting my comments on your blog. You know, the one I posted after you posted that we had never lost a city due to a hurricane before ? You know, the one where I provided a link to The 1900 Storm: Galveston, Texas ? If I remember all the post said was: "Never lost a city" ? Ever hear of a place called Galveston, Texas ? Typical Moonbat. If you don't like the facts, ignore them.
5:31 PM
Noah Bawdy said...
Or better, if you don't like the facts, delete them.
5:31 PM

Jay said...
I didn't delete your comments, Noah...I just figured that a dozen times is enough for one dumb shit like you to make their point. BTW...When I'm talking about a city...I'm talking about a modern metropolis with a million or so people in the area. It also helps if the city in question happens to be one of the biggest ports in the country.Galveston in 1900 was a cowtown. The storm that hit is was a once in a century hurricane. We've had two this season.funny thing about facts...picking just one and yammering about it makes you look kinda stupid. My suggestion is that you look at all of them before your next mastabatory session on my blog. I would bet you really don't need help looking stupid.
5:50 PM

Noah Bawdy said...
Gee jay,I only posted twice to my recollection. I guess you must have gone to public school to think that two posts came anywhere near a dozen. As far as Galveston being a cow town at the time, I guess your school wasn't to good on history, geography or map reading either. According to Wikipedia, The city of Galveston at the end of the 19th century was a booming metropolis with a population of 42,000. Its position on the natural harbor of Galveston Bay along the Gulf of Mexico made it the center of trade in the state of Texas. Granted, a population of that size today doesn't look that big, but back then it was a major city and an important port. The present day city of Galveston is built on the same site and if you look on your map is just southwest of Houston. If the storm had shifted just a little northward, Houston would have been wiped out. This is pretty close to where it was thought that Rita was going to land. Even though Galveston then was not as large as New Orleans is now, the fact remains that it was wiped out. It was at the time (and still is today) an important sea port. Also, if the same hurricane hit in the same manner today as it did then but with only a slight shift northward, much of Houston would be wiped out. The last time I looked, Houston was a smidge larger than New Orleans. Once in a century jay ? You're really stretching it now. NOAA records three that made landfall during the twentieth century. The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992 and Hurricane Camille August of 1969. As far as having two "Once in a century hurricanes" this season, Rita lost both hurricane and tropical storm status on the same day as its landfall. By my count that makes one thus far this season. It's sad jay that you think facts are just a masturbatory session. It really makes you look quite stupid. Just as misspelling masturbatory makes you look stupid. We really don't want that, do we jay ?
8:02 PM

Noah Bawdy said...
Oh. By the way. You most certainly did delete my comment, just as expect you to delete this one and the prior comment.
8:05 PM

Follow Up: It would seem that jay is in the habit of deleting comments of people whose opinions differ from his. This is quite clear if you read his blog. He also is quite fond of personally insulting people and using vulgarity when he has no logical, thoughtful response to challenges to his way of thinking. Typical Moonbat. I think he may become my first troll !

Another Follow Up:

42,000 and 2.000,000 are pretty different numbers for those of us who know how to count. The damage in Galveston was that the wooden and brick 19th century structures were demolished...New Orleans was underwater You say that we had 3 storms like that in the last century, the century when massive industrial pollution began. We had two just this far. Even somebody as mathematically challenged as yourself might notice a bit of trend there.

Now, I was nice enough to visit your lonely little blog and listen to the crickets in the background. I even posted something rare over there...a comment. Since you have pretty much exceeded your quota of dumbassery here for one day, give it a rest and go stalk somebody else for awhile.

oh...I do defer to your expertise on beating off. I always say "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with". In your case, I would suppose that pretty much means solo sex.

Again, I am awed by jay's grasp of using personal insults over his ability to actually think. As to his comments, well they are still here for all to bask in his wit and wisdom. When people like him are the base of the Democratic party and they fail to see why they keep losing elections... well, let them continue to get their "message" out.

My response:

It must be so sad to have to result to vulgarity in order to think that you've won a debate.
I will leave your very popular blog for now knowing that you have mastered the skills of informed and civil discourse. I bow to your superior intellect.

Yet Another Follow Up:
He seems to have banned me from posting comments on his blog. He would not allow me to post my final response. I tried twice. I thought I was being quite civil considering his behavior. I guess Moonbats can't handle thought provoking dialog. It's all mantra and dogma. I guess that makes me a heathen and a heretic. Good ! If they never learn, they will never regain power in this country. Keep up the good work jay !

I really like how he tries to make it seem that his Blog is more popular than mine.
According to blogshares he only has fifteen incoming links. I have sixty-five.
Blogrolling shows he has only five incoming links. I have twenty-four.
On the The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem, I couldn't even find his site. I'm an Adorable Little Rodent, rank 4718 with fifty-five links.


Guess your site isn't all that great, is it jay ?

Oh, just do a google search, see how many hits you get that link back to our respective sites.

Again, yet another follow up:

It appears that his site would not allow me to use the kneeling GIF I used.
When I removed it, the post went through fine.
My apologies to jay. This time.

Huh. I now fall under the heading of Stalkers & Other Annoying Idiots.

Wow, this guy is really annoyed that someone out there has a brain ! I'm now listed under "Stalkers & Other Annoying Idiots" on his site. What an honor ! I attempt to have a dialog with him and now I'm a Stalker and/or Annoying Idiot. What is it with these people that they can't even carry on a conversation without committing libel or slander ? It kind of makes you think that they think that their own positions don't hold water.

This just goes on:

He left a comment unrelated to subject matter in which he stated:

"Recieved quite a few emails about your site already. I've made you an entertaining favorite for the night. Remember though...we're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you."

Really ?

So, why do they not post comments here where I can readily reply ?
Are they so scared that I will reply ?
Are they afraid that I will delete their comments as you do ?

Bring them on jay.

NY Times Admits Fabricating News - Again

The mainstream media's newspaper of record admitted late Saturday that one of its reporters fabricated part of a news story on Hurricane Katrina relief.

Hat Tip: Neil Boortz

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Company Plans Mars Colony

Found over at Waxing the Sasquatch.

Puppy Swallows 13-Inch Knife, Survives

Jon-Paul Carew has seen strange items get into the stomachs of dogs before, things like kebab skewers and small utensils. But a 13-inch serrated knife in a 6-month-old puppy? "I was just flabbergasted," said Carew, of Imperial Point Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale. Elsie, a St. Bernard puppy, underwent a two-hour operation to remove the knife last week. She has an 8-inch scar but is otherwise fine. The dog's owner, Jane Scarola, thinks one of her six other dogs -- four St. Bernards, a German shepherd and a Labrador -- somehow got the knife off a counter and it eventually made its way to Elsie. Elsie apparently had the blade between her esophagus and stomach for about four days.

Ex-Communists Ousted In Poland Elections

Exit polls showed Polish voters ousted the nation's scandal-prone government of ex-communists in parliamentary elections Sunday, giving a broad majority to two center-right parties that have promised tax cuts and clean government.

Poland also will hold presidential elections Oct. 9, with a likely runoff vote two weeks later.

Warsaw Mayor Lech Kaczynski, the identical twin brother of the Law and Justice leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is one of two leading candidates in that race. The other is Tusk.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski has said that, if his brother wins, he would renounce the premiership in order to spare Poland the confusion of two leaders who look alike.

Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski

Friday, September 23, 2005

British Labor Party Lord Jailed For Starting Blaze

A British lord was sentenced to 16 months in jail on Thursday for deliberately starting a blaze in a hotel and endangering lives after a boozy awards dinner in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

There was nothing in the article that would indicate why he did it.
I guess stupid is as stupid does.

Lord Watson 'to restart career in England'

And the life peer, who was sentenced to 16 months in prison for the incident, has told friends he will turn his back on Scotland after he is freed and move to London to restart a career in politics in the House of Lords.

So, you're saying that the English are more tolerant of arsonists ?

His parliamentary career in Scotland is over and he has lost his directorship of Dundee United Football Club. The rebuilding of his life is going to happen down south."

Oh no ! Not the directorship of Dundee United Football Club ! Say it isn't so !

Malcolm Brown, a spokesman for the couple, said : "[Lord Watson] is legally entitled to go back into the House of Lords."

To what end ?

"He's lost his freedom, his role as MSP, his directorship of Dundee United and his salaries - do people really want to see him with absolutely nothing?"

Doesn't bother me any.

But again... why did he do it ?

It's The Rich White Man's Fault. Again.

Wilma Skinner would like to scream at the officials of this city. If only they would pick up their phones.

"I done called for a shelter, I done called for help. There ain't none. No one answers," she said, standing in blistering heat outside a check-cashing store that had just run out of its main commodity. "Everyone just says, 'Get out, get out.' I've got no way of getting out. And now I've got no money."
I guess they done left. Like you should have by Tuesday at the latest.

"All the banks are closed and I just got off work," said Thomas Visor, holding his sweaty paycheck as he, too, tried to get inside the store, where more than 100 people, all of them black or Hispanic, fretted in line. "This is crazy. How are you supposed to evacuate a hurricane if you don't have money? Answer me that?"

What the hell were you doing at work the day before the hurricane strikes ?
Did you not hear the orders to get out ? Did you not hear about the nearly empty busses ?
Is it everyone else's fault that you didn't think ahead ?

"This is the worst planning I've ever seen," she said. "They say, 'We've learned a lot from Hurricane Katrina.' Well, you couldn't prove it by me."

I guess, (even though you live there), that you are ignorant of the fact that Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States. Look at the map idiot. There simply aren't enough roads. I guess (like some of the people that have left comments on my Blog lately), that you think the government was supposed to set up teleporters for you. Damn the government for not having Star Trek tech !

On Bellaire Boulevard in southwest Houston, a weeping woman and her young daughter stood on the sidewalk, surrounded by plastic bags full of clothes and blankets. "I'd like to go, but nobody come get me," the woman said in broken English. When asked her name, she looked frightened. "No se, no se," she said: Spanish for "I don't know."

Her daughter, who appeared to be about 9, whispered in English, "We're from Mexico."

I'm guessing you're here illegally and I guess you should have stayed in Mexico.

For the poor and the disenfranchised, the mighty evacuation orders that preceded Rita were something they could only ignore.

What's with the media and this "disenfranchised" crap ?
Disenfranchised from what ?

"We got no other choice but to stay here. We're homeless and we're broke," he said. "I thought about going to Dallas, but now it's too late. I got no way to get there."

Where will he stay?

"A nice white man gave me a motel room for three days. Just walked up and said, 'Here.' So my buddy and me will stick it out," he said, pointing to another homeless man. "We got a half-gallon of whiskey and a room."

Oh My God.
"A nice white man" ?
This can't be !
The Race Pimps can't allow this !
At least he's got a half-gallon of whiskey and a room. What more preparation does one need ?

An emergency official eventually sent a van to take the couple to a shelter at a recreation center.
So... despite the hysteria this "reporter" (DEBORAH HASTINGS) wanted to invoke... They were not abandoned. Huh. Makes you wonder what DEBORAH HASTINGS agenda was.

Mandatory evacuation orders were issued Wednesday for the area.

It's now Friday.

If I didn't have a car, I would have started walking Wednesday. No, make that Monday.

I wonder. Did DEBORAH HASTINGS inform these idiots that the Mayor had nearly empty busses waiting for them or did she just let them sit there whining and waiting to die ?
This can't be the fault of people that didn't prepare.
This has got to be Bush's fault.

Sept. 21, 2005, 5:50PM
Parts of Houston join evacuation

In addition to the evacuation orders, Houston's mayor asked companies to let non-essential employees skip work Thursday and Friday and suggested schools cancel classes so that families have time to leave.

Huh. I wonder why Thomas Visor was still at work Friday ? Did he not see the weather report ?

Although Galveston police don't plan to drag reluctant residents off the island, city officials reassured residents no one who wants to leave would be left behind. Sharon Strain, head of the Galveston Housing Authority, said anyone who can't make it to the buses would be picked up.

"We've got more bus space than people and I'm not going to send them off empty,'' said City Manager Steve LeBlanc. "We are going to hold empty buses until the bitter end."

So Again I wonder... what was DEBORAH HASTINGS agenda ? To save lives ? To report the truth ? I think she's hoping poor people will get killed to further her career.

If it seems like I'm insensitive to these people, you're right. They had ample warning just like the people in New Orleans and they chose to do nothing. I don't know about you but I'm sick of people blaming others for their own lack of responsibility. How is it Bush's fault, FEMA's fault, My fault or Your fault when people that were given warning days in advance do nothing ?

Oh right.

Global Warming causes hurricanes.

Bush didn't sign Kyoto (even though Clinton didn't and because the President can't sign any treaty without Congressional approval).

And Haliburton ! Why they must be in on this too !

Bahhhhhhhh !

Jodie Foster Defames Air Marshals, Flight Attendants

Debbie chlussel draws attention to yet another exercise in Hollywood dhimmitude:
an airplane-terror flick in which the terrorists are not the Muslims who are on the plane, but an air marshal and a flight attendant. Yes, this is what we have seen all over the world: crazed stewardesses storming cockpits and hijacking airplanes, demanding a respite from slinging chintzy pretzel packs at the sardine-packed passengers.

If you want to sicken yourself and see "Flight Plan," stop reading here. But if you want to save ten bucks, keep going.

Britain Has Busy Day In Terror Fight

It was a busy day in Britain's crackdown on terror: A suspect in failed bomb attacks on the London transit system appeared in court. A Muslim convert was sentenced to 15 years in a separate case. And police arrested a man near planes at Manchester airport and exploded his suitcase.

My hat is off to our cousins in The United Kingdom.
They are recognizing the threat and dealing with it.
Let the attempt for Dhimmitude of the West end now.

Dog Registers To Vote In New Zealand

It was almost inevitable New Zealand's election would turn into a dog fight when you look at one of the country's 2.83 million voters Toby the Jack Russell terrier.
Toby became a registered voter when his owner, Peter Rhodes of Queenstown, completed an enrollment form in the dog's name, giving his occupation as "rodent exterminator" and his age as 28.

Oh great. You just gave the Democrats an idea for a new source of voters.

Hurricane Junk Science

The British Press can be counted on for a good laugh from time to time. Global warming, which like homelessness, started in 2001 when the Bush Administration took office, has given junk science the perfect forum to join the political debate. Mix in a couple of hurricanes and you get some great tabloid fodder.

Another great post from Tran Sient.

Hamas Truck Explodes At Palestinian Rally

What is known, however, is that seven terrorists in a pickup truck inadvertently detonated explosives which killed themselves and a number of their most dedicated supporters.

People that support terrorism killed by the terrorists they support ?

Greed And Corruption - A Way Of Life In N.O.

Zaphriel tells it like it is.

True Resolve

One Israeli security official was recently asked how his methods differed from those used in the U.S. “You people look for weapons,” he said. “We look for terrorists.”

BlogRolling Seems To Be Down

Sorry if this Blog is slow to load. BlogRolling is down.

Let Me Get This Straight...

So it's not Bush's fault and/or Global Warming... it's the Japanese Mafia ?

To the rest of the country, Scott Stevens is the Idaho weatherman who blames the Japanese Mafia for Hurricane Katrina. To folks in Pocatello, he's the face of the weather at KPVI News Channel 6.

Since Katrina, Stevens has been in newspapers across the country where he was quoted in an Associated Press story as saying the Yakuza Mafia used a Russian-made electromagnetic generator to cause Hurricane Katrina in a bid to avenge the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima. He was a guest on Coast to Coast, a late night radio show that conducts call-in discussions on everything from bizarre weather patterns to alien abductions. On Wednesday, Stevens was interviewed by Fox News firebrand Bill O'Reilly.

It costs him hundreds of dollars each month to run his Web site,, but he said that's a price he's willing to pay.

Hundreds of dollars each month to run his Web site ?!?!
It doesn't cost me a thing besides my time !
If that doesn't prove he's an idiot...

"The Soviets boasted of their geoengineering capabilities; these impressive accomplishments must be taken at face value simply because we are observing weather events that simply have never occurred before, never!" Stevens wrote on his Web site. "The evidence of these weapons at work found within the clouds overhead is simply unmistakable. These patterns and odd geometric shapes seen in our skies, each and every day, are clear and present evidence that our weather has been stolen from us, only to be used by those whose designs for humanity are rarely in alignment with that of the common man."
That's a relief. All this time I thought it was Bush, and/or Global Warming.


Bush Fires Back At Clinton

Well, not really specifically at Clinton. He reached as far back as the Carter Administration for examples of our weak responses to terrorism that encouraged them to commit the 9/11 attacks.

Rita Causes New Flooding In New Orleans

A Department of Homeland Security truck turns around as flood waters swamp a residential area from a second levee overflow on the west side of the industrial canal in New Orleans September 23, 2005. (J.P. Moczulski/Reuters)

"Our worst fears came true," said Maj. Barry Guidry of the Georgia National Guard.

"We have three significant breaches in the levee and the water is rising rapidly," he said. "At daybreak I found substantial breaks and they've grown larger."

Dozens of blocks in the Ninth Ward were under water as a waterfall at least 30 feet wide poured over and through a dike that had been used to patch breaks in the Industrial Canal levee. On the street that runs parallel to the canal, the water ran waist-deep and was rising fast. Guidry said water was rising about three inches a minute.

As for those who refuse to leave, Gov. Kathleen Blanco advised: "Perhaps they should write their Social Security numbers on their arms with indelible ink."

Water rushes over the top of a levee along the Industrial Canal, flooding the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana September 23, 2005. (Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters)

Good thing President Bush gave Mayer Nagin a call Monday and talked some sense into him.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cheeky Monkey Slaps Lions

The monkey behaved itself for a month after a bitch mothering another lion cub gave it a lesson by an angry bite on its butt, the keeper said.

Cheeky Monkey


Stuck On Stupid

Someone finally tells off the press.
Gen. Honore's my newest hero. :-)

Not Getting Stuck On Stupid

Hit2Hit Traffic Exchange

Don't bother with hit2hit, it's nothing but adds. I've surfed there for hours and have not seen one Blog.

A Sign In The Window


You may ask what kind of business would dare post such a sign ?

Hitting The ACLU Where It Hurts, The Pocketbook

On 1, Oct. 19, 1976 Congress passed an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which gave the Courts the power to award attorney’s fees in civil rights cases to the prevailing party. ‘The Civil Rights Attorney’s Fees Awards Act of 1976′ was passed with high hopes, and the good intentions that it would help provide relief for individuals that might not otherwise be able to afford the expenses of defending their civil liberties if they were violated. The ACLU, and other judicial activitist have completely turned the intentions of this amendment on its head.

Whenever the ACLU fights voluntary prayer in school, a war memorial because it’s in the shape of a cross, ten commandment displays, or keeping the boyscouts from military sponsorship, and they win, you pay for their attorney’s fees.

What was intended to protect people from having their civil rights violated has been twisted by the ACLU to use as leverage when they threaten small schools and communities that can’t afford to defend themselves from the well funded, and well staffed ACLU bully. Yes, legislation intended to protect civil liberties is often used to supress religious expression by the likes of the ACLU.

There is currently legislation in the House introduced by Representive Hostettler that hopes to remedy its abuse. It is an amendment that limits the attorney fees in Establishment Clause cases to injuctive relief only. In other words, if the ACLU wants to pick a fight over someone praying in public, or a ten commandments display that offends one sensitive athiest, they’ll have to dig into their own deep pockets, and it will not come from yours.

We want your voice to be heard in D.C. supporting this legislation. It’s really simple, all we need is your autograph.


This was a production of Stop The ACLU blogburst. If you would like to join our efforts to fight the ACLU, it’s very simple. Just register at our portal. We will add you to our mailing list, and send you the info you will need. Over 100 blogs already on board. Join us!

Computer Geek Or Serial Killer, Can You Tell The Difference ?

Hat Tip: mergrl @ Alright, who took my drugs

South Africa To Take Land From White Farmer

I guess the Zimbabwean lesson is lost on them.

Schroeder, Merkel Fail To Reach A Deal

It looks like Germany will be paralyzed for the foreseeable future.

EU Approves Turkey-Cyprus Declaration

Flag Of Turkey

Note the Moon Symbol.
European Union nations agreed Wednesday that Turkey must recognize EU member Cyprus during its membership talks, warning that not doing so could paralyze the negotiations, diplomats said.

At a meeting of EU ambassadors, the 25 member states ended weeks of wrangling over how to confront Turkey on its refusal to recognize Cyprus.

"Recognition of all member states is a necessary component of the accession process," said their joint declaration.

Good for them !

Cyprus has been split into a Greek Cypriot-controlled south and a Turkish-occupied north since Turkey invaded in 1974 after a coup by supporters of union with Greece. The breakaway Turkish Cypriot state in the north is recognized only by Turkey, which stations 40,000 troops there.

JetBlue Passengers Watched News Of Drama

"It was very weird. It would've been so much calmer without" the televisions, Pia Varma of Los Angeles said after the plane skidded to a safe landing Wednesday evening in a stream of sparks and burning tires. No one was hurt.

Zachary Mastoon of New York said it was "surreal" to watch his plane's fate being discussed on live TV while it was in the air.

Political Bloggers Demand Speech Freedoms

I for one will post what I want, when I want and how I want regardless of what the FEC does or doesn't do.

Roberts Nomination Sent To Full Senate

The official tally of 13-5 was anticlimatic, with the committee's 10 majority Republicans lined up solidly behind the conservative judge's nomination to the full Senate weeks in advance.

But the decision by three Democrats to join Republican efforts to make Roberts the nation's 109th Supreme Court justice outlined the division in the minority caucus over whether Democrats can, or should, mount even symbolic opposition to Roberts to send President Bush a message on his next Supreme Court nomination.

Five Democrats - Sens. Dianne Feinstein of California, Joseph Biden of Delaware, Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, Charles Schumer of New York and Dick
Durbin of Illinois - opposed Roberts in the final vote, and many of the arguments merged with senators' worries about the upcoming replacement for the retiring Sandra Day O'Connor.

Rita's Rain Begins Falling In New Orleans

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin continued to urge residents to get out of the city. A mandatory evacuation order is in effect for the entire east bank of the Mississippi, and some 500 buses were standing by at the convention center, but few seemed to be taking advantage. Only 27 people had been evacuated by the end of Wednesday.

How To Turn Your Hamster Into A Fighting Machine !!

Click on the pic to enlarge.

Hat Tip: Neil Boortz

(Sing to the tune of Sledgehammer)

"I wanna be, your dead hamster !"

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Artist Died 'Handcuffed To Tree'

If you handcuff yourself to a tree you would die fairly quickly but maybe not as quickly as you would like.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Tropical Storm Rita

Click on the pic to enlarge.

I wonder how many times people had to show Mayor Nagin this before he finally came to his senses.

Mayor Ray Nagin Comes To His Senses

But only after pressure from President Bush and other top federal officials.

Under pressure from President Bush and other top federal officials, the mayor Monday suspended the reopening of large portions of the city over the next few days because of the threat of a new round of flooding from a tropical storm.

"I am concerned about this hurricane getting in the gulf. ... If we are off, I'd rather err on the side of conservatism to make sure we have everyone out," Mayor Ray Nagin said.

The announcement came after repeated warnings from top federal officials and the President himself that the city was unsafe.

The mayor said his original plan was never intended to put people at risk.

"Now we have conditions that have changed. We have another hurricane that is approaching us," he said. He warned that the city's pumping system was not running at full capacity and that its levee system is still in a "very weak position."

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Who's The Uniter And Who's The Divider ?

Clinton launches withering attack on Bush on Iraq, Katrina, budget

Clinton said the Bush administration had decided to invade Iraq "virtually alone and before UN inspections were completed, with no real urgency, no evidence that there were weapons of mass destruction."
Last I checked we were a sovereign nation Bill. We don't need the permission of the UN to look after our own interests. Oh, I think "virtually alone" is a bit of a stretch. But you always did have trouble with facts.

Clinton said there had been a "heroic but so far unsuccessful" effort to put together an constitution that would be universally supported in Iraq.
I guess good old Bill hasn't read the headlines lately.

On Hurricane Katrina, Clinton faulted the authorities' failure to evacuate New Orleans ahead of the storm's strike on August 29.

People with cars were able to heed the evacuation order, but many of those who were poor, disabled or elderly were left behind.

"If we really wanted to do it right, we would have had lots of buses lined up to take them out," Clinton.
Too bad all of those busses were left sitting in New Orleans huh Bill ? I guess that was FEMA's/Bush's fault, huh Bill ?

"When James Lee Witt ran FEMA, because he had been both a local official and a federal official, he was always there early, and we always thought about that," Clinton said, referring to FEMA's head during his 1993-2001 presidency.

Rewriting history again are we Bill ?

On the US budget, Clinton warned that the federal deficit may be coming untenable, driven by foreign wars, the post-hurricane recovery programme and tax cuts that benefitted just the richest one percent of the US population, himself included.
Tax cuts that benefited just the richest one percent of the US population is just an out and out lie. People that never paid taxes in their lives received a refund. I am certainly not anywhere near the top one percent of the population and I certainly benefited from the tax cuts. Himself included. The SOB never held a job in the private sector his life. His wealth was given to him by adoring Moonbats. He has the nerve to say you and I don't deserve to keep some of what little we make ? Playing the class envy card and lying about the tax cuts is pretty much what we can expect from this scumbag.

Bush reached out to him to help unite the country in a time of need and this oaf turns around and stabs him in the back. Typical.

Thank God this ass isn't in command anymore.

At Least One Lesson Americans Should Learn From New Orleans And Louisiana

Take local elections seriously.

Do you want a Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani or a Ray Nagin when everything hits the fan ?

Do you want a Governor George E. Pataki, Governor Bob Riley, Governor Haley Barbour, Governor Jeb Bush or a Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco when everything hits the fan ?

Learn this lesson America. Other Cities and States did not fall apart like the city of New Orleans or the State of Louisiana.

Do you wonder why that might be ?

Look at who is in charge.

Katrina Conservatism

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, Louisiana's lachrymose governor, wants hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayers' money so that she can "recreate our communities." You know, the community that appalled the rest of America when wall-to-wall television coverage of Katrina showed us just what it looked like: poor, black, with astonishingly high unemployment and welfare dependency rates. Her desire to recreate that community is understandable; it is the community that put her and the gum-chewing, profanity-spouting New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin, in power.

President Bush has a grander yet far more sensible vision. Not exactly the construction of a Ronald Reagan-style shining city on a hill, an impossibility since most of New Orleans sits several feet below sea level. But a city that will be built "higher and better."

Following the advice of his other hero, Winston Churchill, Bush sought to recover some of his lost popularity last week by reacquainting Americans with his, and their, natural optimism. "A pessimist," the great Briton said, "sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." And the president has always been at his best when relying on his can-do, Texas-size optimism.

A great article by Irwin M. Stelzer in The Weekly Standard.

Four Men Die Competing In The Great North Run

Four runners collapsed and died yesterday during the 13-mile Great North Run.

Guys ! Please ! Leave the running to the French and Kenyans ! They're good at it !

Canada, Denmark To Declare Truce

Canada and Denmark will call a truce Monday in the war of words over disputed Hans Island, a patch of Arctic rock each country claims as its own.

Wikipedia's entry.

Hans Island (Greenlandic/Inuktitut:
Tartupaluk, Danish: Hans Ø, French: Île Hans) is a small uninhabited barren knoll measuring 1.3 km² (0.5 mi²), located at approximately 80°49′41″ N
66°38′46″ W
in the centre of the Kennedy Channel of Nares Strait—the strait that separates Ellesmere Island from Northern Greenland and connects Baffin Bay
with the Lincoln Sea. Hans Island is the smallest of three islands located in Kennedy Channel; the others are Franklin Island and Crozier Island.

Interesting. Seems like such a little thing to get all bent out of shape about.

New Zealand Election A Cliff-Hanger

Well, Labor's saying because it is the lager party - and remember only just - that it has the first option to form a coalition government. Now, even if you add together all the centre-left parties here in New Zealand. If you add together the Greens, the Maori Party, the Progressives - you put all that together and you still only get exactly 50 per cent of the vote. You don't get a clear majority. So even if it stitches all those parties together, it's still going to have to look to another party to ensure confidence and supply. It looks like a recipe for chaos and one of the papers here this morning has said this could be the frailest and most unwieldy governing arrangement in living memory in New Zealand.
It seems the whole world is divided these days.
Us, Germany, New Zealand. The winds of change are indeed blowing all around the globe.

Clark holds off anti-Maori vote in New Zealand poll

Clinton's Mythical FEMA

"I will Rule You!"

Senator Hillary Clinton is continuing the noble endeavor of revising the record of her loving husband's eight years in the Oval Office, even if it means exploiting Hurricane Katrina's devastation to do it. Senator Clinton creates a mythical picture of FEMA under her husband's leadership and her comrades in the mainstream news media run with it.

By Jim Kouri, CPP

Hat Tip: David Drake at MrsSatan.

A Teacher That Actually Teaches Children The Truth

Editor's note: Sylvia Weathers teaches English at Central High School. Her AP English class worked last week on writing letters to the editor about Hurricane Katrina catastrophe and its aftermath. These are the letters written by Weathers and some of her students.

Read the whole letter.

Will Bush Be Blamed For The Next Nagin Blunder ?

In what appears to be yet another nutty Nagin decision (the city’s residents are still reeling from his refusal to transport them out of the city on New Orleans’ buses), the still-current Mayor has decided to allow 180,000 residents back into the city next week—with no potable water—and a levee system that is barely functional.

Great decision, Mr. Mayor! It’s almost as brilliant as yours and Governor Blanco’s pronouncement to the Red Cross to “stay out of the Superdome” with its food, water and hygiene kits. Didn’t want your “guests” overstaying their welcome by actually feeding them—did you?

Despite the fact that Coast Guard Vice-Admiral Thad Allen has called Nagin’s plan both “extremely ambitious” (this politely means Nagin has no idea of what he’s doing) and “extremely problematic” (this still means the Mayor is clueless), Nagin is forging ahead with his apparent foolhardy plan. Ever since the rest of us in the nation and the world heard his name and discovered who he was and is, Nagin has made one bone-headed decision after another; from not following his city’s disaster emergency plan through refusing through not transporting the city’s residents to a safe area to not allowing them to be fed and watered.

A great post on The American Daily. forgive his grammer and spelling, he was on a roll.

Read the rest.

Fuel Oils In Sediment In New Orleans

Mike McDaniel, Secretary for the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, discusses some of the results from environmental testing in New Orleans, at a news conference Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2005, in Baton Rouge, La. The floodwaters in New Orleans still pose a health risk because of dangerous levels of sewage-related bacteria and toxic chemicals, according to government test results released Wednesday. (AP Photo/Rogelio Solis)

A new health risk emerged Friday from the sediment of New Orleans - test results showing that diesel and fuel oils, which can take years to break down, make up as much as a 10th of the weight of some sediment samples.

Earlier tests turned up dangerous amounts of sewage-related bacteria and lead in floodwaters and more than 100 chemical pollutants.

The Environmental Protection Agency said Friday it also found E. coli bacteria in the sediment - the residue left from water, soil from backyards and road and construction debris - as well as slightly elevated levels of arsenic and lead. It didn't report the levels of E. coli bacteria, and there's no health standard for how much E. coli can be in soil or sediment.

"The presence of E. coli, however, does imply the presence of fecal bacteria and exposure to sediment should therefore be limited if possible," EPA said.

Fuel oils such as kerosene, jet fuel, range oil and home heating oil irritate the skin and, if breathed, cause nausea, headaches, increased blood pressure, light-headedness, appetite loss, poor coordination and difficulty concentrating. Breathing diesel-fuel vapors for long periods can cause kidney damage and lower the blood's ability to clot.

William Farland, EPA's acting science adviser, said he was not seeing anything in the sediment that suggests a big public health risk, "as long as people are careful to remove the sediment, keep it from getting on their bare skin and clean it off if they do."

None of this bothers New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin !

New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin said this week he expects some of the city's neighborhoods to reopen and up to 180,000 people to move back over the next two weeks as electricity and water are restored .

"The sediment itself will not be the only issue that determines whether people can move back in," Farland said in an interview Friday. "There are significantly larger and more important issues, such as the structural integrity of homes, the ability to have functioning water and wastewater, the question of whether there is appropriate electrical support and whether there are gas leaks."

Scientists worry that as the sediment dries, the pollutants in it can evaporate and, as gases in the air, they could be inhaled by people. Some chemicals found in fuel oils can easily evaporate, while others more easily dissolve in water. The agencies plan to collect air samples.

Hugh Kaufman, a senior policy analyst at EPA who has been a longtime whistleblower within the agency, called it "reckless and irresponsible" for EPA to imply that people moving back into New Orleans will be safe.

But what the hey ! Mayor Nagin says "Y'all come back now,Yahear?!"

Are The Environmentalist Wackos Going To Get Their Due ?

The Justice Department is seeking information about whether lawsuits by environmental groups hindered efforts to improve New Orleans levees, an effort the Sierra Club and Democratic lawmakers say is aimed at shifting blame for the massive flooding.

Excuse me Sierra Club and Democrats, it's already been established that improvements to the levees were in fact blocked by environmentalists because of concern for impact on wetlands. As I said in an earlier post, they got their wetlands, and it now includes the city of New Orleans.

"Has your district defended any cases on behalf of the Army Corps of Engineers against claims brought by environmental groups seeking to block or otherwise impede the Corps work on the levees protecting New Orleans? If so, please describe the case and the outcome of the litigation," said the communication, which was read to The Associated Press on Friday by Justice Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse.

David Bookbinder, Sierra Club senior attorney, said the administration "is more interested in building a case to deflect blame than actually underscore what went wrong before, during and after the crisis."

Well of course he would say that. He knows that the law suits brought on by groups such as his did have a direct impact on improvements to the levees.

Some conservatives have complained that environmental groups have escaped blame for their opposition to levee projects. The Competitive Enterprise Institute posted on its Web site an article noting that "the opposition of environmental activist groups to building levees in the first place" has drawn little attention in the hurricane's aftermath.

It cited two groups, American Rivers and the Sierra Club, for their federal suit in 1996 to block an upgrade of 303 miles of levees in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Most of those levees are on the Mississippi River and did not fail during Katrina.

Separately, an environmental lawsuit in 1977 stopped an Army Corps project designed after Hurricane Betsy in 1965 to protect New Orleans from storm surges.

Hopefully when this all comes out the Environmental Nazis will be discredited in the eyes of the American public.

U.S. Aims To Pressure Syria On Democracy And Other Mid East News

The U.S. is using the largest gathering of world leaders to try to keep up international pressure on Syria by branding it a meddlesome neighbor and a holdout against democratic advances in the Middle East.

Oh please. They're Ba'thists ! They're not going to bow to any pressure !

The U.N. gathering has seen some Mideast diplomacy that would have been shocking just a year or two ago.

Qatar, Pakistan and Indonesia have held high-level public meetings with Israel - a rare event for Muslim countries. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon received particular praise at the summit for the Gaza pullout, deemed a "courageous" act by Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

On Saturday, Rice had her picture taken with her counterpart from Libya. Washington still considers the North African nation a state sponsor of terrorism, but it has dropped economic penalties and strengthened diplomatic ties since Libya renounced weapons of mass destruction in December 2003.

Do you think any of the above would be true today if not for the policies of this Administration ? Well, I don't expect Moonbats to actually think so I guess the question was rhetorical.

U.S. Assails Syria As Area Troublemaker

In a spirited attack, the State Department's spokesman on Friday accused Syria of making trouble not only for Iraq, by allowing foreign fighters to infiltrate the country, but also for Lebanon and the Palestinians.

"Syria, more and more, is being recognized as a destabilizing element in the region," Adam Ereli said Friday. "It's not just about Iraq; it's about Iraq, it's about Lebanon, it's about the Palestinian Authority. Because there's a connection between Syria and terrorism and murder and mayhem in each of these three different areas."

"Innocent people are getting blown up in Iraq because Syria is allowing its territory to be used by terrorists bent on sowing murder and mayhem in Iraq," Ereli said. "And they're not going to succeed. The international community is not going to let this continue to happen."

He accused Syria, which removed its occupying army from Lebanon this year, of maintaining "a residual presence" that endangers Lebanon's sovereignty and its people.

As for the Palestinian Authority in Gaza and the West Bank, Ereli said Syria continues its association "with terrorist elements that are bent on sabotaging the peace process. ... And they are certainly out of step with the rest of the world on that."

"Does Syria not care that young guys from Yemen or Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan or Iran come into Damascus airport with a one-way ticket and no job and no place to stay and then find their way into Iraq where they strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves up and kill children in a market? Women and children in front of a market?" Ereli asked.

"I mean, why does Syria continue to let that happen unless there's a deliberate decision to do it? There certainly seems to be an unwillingness to take actions to stop it."

Syrian President Bashar Assad had better get his butt in line.

Bush Vows to Confront Poverty, Injustice

President Bush, seeking to dispel the widely held notion that poor, black Hurricane Katrina victims were abandoned because of their race, said Friday the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast will be successful only if it eliminates poverty and racial injustice.

That notion is only held by race pimps and their flock of "It's because I'm black" sheep. How exactly will he eliminate poverty and "racial injustice" ? The people are "poor" because they lack initiative and self reliance. They have endorsed a lifestyle that feeds resentment against whites and the rich while accepting handouts from the whites and the rich. If these able bodied idiots would get off their collective butts and actually do something to improve their lives instead of having this "I'm oppressed and entitled" mentality they wouldn't stay poor. The very notion that "racial injustice" is what keeps them in poverty is nonsense. If they wanted a job, they could get a job. It's required by law that they get preferential treatment for jobs in most sectors. They need to get their minds out of the sixties and join the rest of us in the twenty first century.

Some black leaders took a wait-and-see attitude.

"I feel his language is encouraging - he seems to be discovering a reality, the same reality that I see," said NAACP President Bruce Gordon. "Now what we need to see is whether he will use the George Bush-style conviction to eliminate poverty."

Bishop T.D. Jakes, the best-selling black author and head of the 30,000-member Potter's House church in Dallas, on Friday called upon Americans not to rest until the poor are raised to an acceptable living standard and to be willing to "love them enough to pay the bill."

Excuse me Bishop ? I'm sick of paying their bills ! If they need assistance going to school the help is there. This nonsense that everyone is entitled to an "acceptable living standard" through no effort of their own is what is bankrupting this country and keeping these people from actually doing anything for themselves. Who decides what an "acceptable living standard" is anyway ? Most of the "poor" in this country have TVs, radios, a roof over their head, food, indoor plumbing. Most of which the "poor" got for free ! Most of the people on the planet would think they'd died and gone to heaven with what the "poor" in our country have.

"We can no longer be a nation that overlooks the poor and the suffering," Jakes said, delivering the sermon at the National Cathedral prayer service before Bush spoke. "Katrina, perhaps, she has done something to this nation that needed to be done."

What needs to be done is give these leeches a good kick in the butt and make them productive citizens. This "Poor me I'm poor give me money" mentality needs to stop.

Bush did not directly tie any of the storm relief proposals he offered in his Thursday night address to alleviating poverty and discrimination, nor did he mention a specific plan in Friday's very brief remarks. But his domestic policy adviser, Claude Allen, said two of the new ideas Bush announced Thursday are aimed at addressing poverty and injustice in the affected region: $5,000 grants to pay for worker retraining, education and child care and a plan to let low-income citizens build homes on surplus federal property.

Worker retraining, education and child care and a plan to let low-income citizens build homes on surplus federal property. That's the problem with these people, they don't work. They have the mentality that if you go to school, work hard and get ahead in life you're a sell out and an Uncle Tom. Look at the way they treat Condoleezza Rice !

Bruce Katz, head of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the liberal-leaning Brookings Institution, called the president's set of proposals a missed opportunity on poverty eradication. Instead of a homesteading proposal that he said will have minimal impact, Katz recommended housing vouchers and the building of mixed-income housing.

"We had a city that was terribly poor and locked people into cycles of poverty - this plan will do nothing to change that," he said.

Excuse me Mr. Katz, but hasn't that already been tried over and over again for the last forty years with dismal results ? The reason these people are locked into cycles of poverty is because of asshats like you that empower them to just sit around and resent whitey instead of doing something productive.

I saw a segment on one of those news magazine shows a few years back about the affluent black communities springing up around the country. One family they interviewed quoted their father. He said "Don't sit around waiting for a piece of the pie, go out there and make your own damned pie."

Schwarzenegger Endorses Union Dues Measure

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed a ballot measure requiring public employee unions to get written permission before using member dues money for political purposes.

That seems reasonable. Shouldn't a union member have a say as to whom will receive their money ? Who could possibly object to freedom of choice ?

Democrats viewed the endorsement Saturday at the state Republican Party convention as an attack because Democratic political candidates are the principal beneficiaries of labor union contributions.

Oh. Right. Silly me.

"Public employee union members should not be forced to contribute to causes, candidates and controversial issues that they don't believe in," Schwarzenegger said. "That isn't a contribution, it's a tax."

"The fact is that the employee union bosses have simply too much power over the budget, too much power over their members' paycheck and too much power over our state," Schwarzenegger said, drawing loud applause.

New Orleans' Health System Faces Crisis

This city's health care facilities have been shattered to an extent unmatched in U.S. history, and its hospital system faces grave challenges as residents begin returning, the vice president of the National Hospital Accreditation Organization said Sunday.

"Essentially the health care infrastructure of New Orleans is gone - it no longer exists," said Cappiello

That doesn't bother Mayor Nagin though !
Nagin's plan is to start repopulating the city neighborhood by neighborhood, starting Monday with the Algiers section, across the Mississippi River from downtown New Orleans. Over the next week and a half, the Garden District and the French Quarter, the city's historic heart, are due to open to residents and businesses.

"I hope there's someone looking at all the health care assets and making sound decisions as the mayor faces overwhelming political pressure to let people back in," Cappiello said. "The federal government needs to go in there and make sure the hospitals are a safe environment before they're reopened."

In other words, someone needs to stop that idiot Mayor from making things worse... again.

Chavez: U.S. Plans To Invade Venezuela

"We are coming up with the counter-Balboa plan. That is to say if the government of the United States attempts to commit the foolhardy enterprise of attacking us, it would be embarked on a 100-year war. We are prepared."
Isn't that pretty much the same thing that the Taliban and Saddam Hussein said ?

ABC News Transcript: Hugo Chavez Interview

Sudan Government, Rebels Launch Talks

Rebels from ethnic African tribes in Darfur - a region the size of France - took up arms in February 2003, complaining of oppression by Sudan's Arab-dominated government.

African Union mediators expressed hope the government and rebels could make a deal at this new round of talks - the sixth so far. Earlier peace efforts have broken down with cease-fires repeatedly violated.

I don't see how this conflict can end any time soon given the background.

Mugabe: Let Them Eat Potatoes

The African leader some call a hero and others a destructive despot suggests people in his country aren't hungry, they just can't eat their favorite food.

Zimbabwe became one of Africa's most vibrant economies under Mugabe, who was elected in landslide 1979 elections after a seven-year guerrilla war forced an end to white minority rule in Rhodesia, once a British colony.

Zimbabwe became the regional bread basket, with some 5,000 white commercial farmers growing enough to feed the nation and export.

That changed in the 1990s. Mugabe's rule became increasingly repressive against a growingly vociferous opposition and corruption grew rampant. Mugabe then seized on an issue that long has preoccupied Africans - land ownership.

Pointing to a distribution that had a few thousand whites owning tens of thousands of acres of rich lands, the government began appropriating white farms in a violent campaign in which some white farmers were killed.

Tens of thousands of farmworkers lost their jobs and most land was distributed to the family and friends of politically connected Zimbabweans, though some ordinary people got small plots.

Last week, the Commercial Farmers' Union said fewer than 1,000 white commercial farmers remain, working a fraction of land they once sowed. A parliamentary committee said there would be no farming season this year, even if the drought breaks, because there are no seeds, no agricultural chemicals because there's no foreign currency, and no fuel to transport products or work tractors.

Everyday in Zimbabwe queues more than a mile long form for basics like bread and gasoline.

The age old lesson of Class Envy and Redistribution of Wealth, everyone becomes equally miserable.

Afghan Polls Close Without Much Violence

Afghans chose a legislature for the first time in decades Sunday, embracing their newly recovered democratic rights and braving threats of Taliban attacks to cast votes in schools, tents and mosques.

The MSM of course will yawn.

I Guess Democrats Are The Same In Every Country

Germany's Schroeder Refuses To Concede

Gerhard Schroeder, written off as a lame duck a few weeks ago, finished stronger than expected and refused to concede defeat, saying he could still theoretically remain in power if talks with other parties were successful.

But Merkel claimed her party received a mandate from voters to form a new coalition government to carry out her plan to mend frayed ties with the United States. "What is important now is to form a stable government for the people in Germany, and we ... quite clearly have the mandate to do that," she said.

Both Schroeder and Merkel said they would talk to all parties except the new Left Party, a combination of ex-communists and renegade Social Democrats.

Well, at least they have the good sense to ignore the fringe left, unlike here where they're elevated to the status of demi-gods by our press.

Here We Go Again ?

Hey Mayor Nagin ! You might want to check with the National Hurricane Center before telling people to come back to New Orleans !
Tourists were told to evacuate the lower Florida Keys on Sunday as a new tropical depression strengthened over the Bahamas and moved toward the vulnerable, low-lying island chain.

Long-term forecasts show the system heading generally toward the west in the Gulf of Mexico toward Texas or Mexico later in the week, but such forecasts are subject to large errors. That means that areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina could potentially be in the storm's path.

Tropical Depression Moves Over Bahamas

Mayor Ray Nagin Acting Irresponsible Again ?

Mayor Ray Nagin defended his plan to return up to 180,000 people to the city within a week and a half despite concerns about the short supply of drinking water and heavily polluted floodwaters.

Coast Guard Vice Adm. Thad Allen, head of the federal disaster relief effort, said Saturday that Nagin's idea is both "extremely ambitious and "extremely problematic."

Allen said a prime public health concern is the tap water, which in most of the city remains unfit for drinking and bathing. He said he was concerned about the difficulties of communicating the risk of using the water to people who return and might run out of bottled water.

Another concern is the risk of another storm hitting the region, threatening an already delicate levee system and possibly requiring residents to be evacuated again, he said.
Jockeying Over Return to Big Easy Ongoing

New Orleans' mayor has the authority to let residents return to his hurricane-damaged city, but the Coast Guard official in charge of the federal disaster response said Sunday that all the information from health and environmental experts recommends against it.

"We must offer the people of New Orleans every chance for a sense of closure and the opportunity for a new beginning," Nagin said.

I don't know if Nagin is stupid, crazy or both. It was this kind of nonchalance on his part that got his city into this mess to begin with.

Nagin's re-entry plan concerns federal official

An End To The Posse Comitatus Act ?

I have mixed feelings about that. After the appalling performance of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin; the MSM, Blanco, Nagin, most Democrats and Rabid Moonbats quick to blame the Federal Government for everything... we may have no choice but to repeal the Act. Let's hope it doesn't end up turning the United States into a Banana Republic.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Indonesia Withdraws Troops From Aceh

Aceh Flag

Note the Moon Symbol.
A peace agreement signed last month in Finland between the government and the rebels is seen as Aceh's best chance in years to bring a permanent end to three decades of fighting that has killed nearly 15,000 people.

Vote Seen As Breakthrough For Saudi Women

The flag of Saudi Arabia.

At least it's more imaginative than the flag of Libya
The Jiddah Trade and Industry Chamber had rejected the nominations of 10 businesswomen to run for the chamber's governing board. Trade Minister Hashem bin Abdullah Yamani overruled this decision, a Saudi official said Friday. The move is a small but unprecedented step in Saudi Arabia, where women are under heavy restrictions. They are barred from driving a car while a male guardian must give permission for women to get an education or job. The minister made his decision on Tuesday after receiving petitions from businesswomen asking to be allowed to run, the Saudi official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't permitted to speak to the media.

Women can't vote.
Women can't run for office.
Women can't drive.
Women can't get an education or job.
A man isn't permitted to speak to the media.

Breakthrough ?
I guess you take your victories where you can.
How long do you think before Trade Minister Hashem bin Abdullah Yamani is condemned to death ?

Rice: U.S. Committed To Ties With Libya

The very creative flag of Libya

Who would have thought that we'd be talking about ties to Gadhafi's Government two years ago ? I wonder what brought them in line ?

Database Aims To Lower Firefighter Deaths

You come back from a call and you talk about something that happened and you learn," said John Tippett, a Montgomery County, Md., fire battalion chief who helped the group develop the site. "The guys on the next shift don't always hear about it, other companies don't hear about it."

This is a very worthwhile project. My hat's off to whoever dreamt this up.

Clark Moves Forward After New Zealand Win

She has a lot of work to do.

Afghans Brave Violence To Elect New Leaders

Some 12.4 million Afghans were registered to vote at more than 6,000 polling stations, guarded by some 100,000 Afghan police and soldiers and 30,000 foreign troops.

"Today is a magnificent day for Afghanistan," said Ali Safar, 62, who was standing in line to vote in the capital, Kabul. "We want dignity, we want stability and peace. Thirty years of war and poverty is enough."

The Lunatic Fringe

Every day we are witness to the growing insanity of the hysterical minions of the Left. Here are two simple and straightforward examples.

The rabid moonbats keep talking about using violence to achieve their ends.
Thank God we're the ones with the guns.

America Strikes Back At The Environment

President Bush has spoken to the nation from the rooftop of a flooded Seven Eleven in downtown New Orleans yesterday, vowing a swift and decisive response towards the environment. "We are up against ruthless weather systems that wish us harm," the President said. "But we are going to hunt them down and strike them at their bases. Make no mistake, and I want to be absolutely clear about it - this is not a war against all environment. We are not fighting animals and forest, just the weather."

Hat Tip: The Independent/NeoLibertarian Reader

Looks Like Everyone At BlogSpot Is Down

As you can tell from previous posts, the last couple of days have made this a very frustrating hobby.
We just lost phones and internet again thanks to the incompetence of Nuvox.
BlogSpot seems to be having their own problems as well.
Please stand by, I'm bitching at everyone I can to get the problems resolved.

This really sucks.

Damn Damn And Double Damn !

Now we're back to that insufferable error again !
WTF is going on with BlogSpot tonight ?


I added NeoCounter to the Blog. I think it's kinda kewl. You can see all the different countries people came from to see my humble Blog and see if there's someone else visiting at the same time. As Cartman would say, "Sweet !".

And My Blog Still Takes Forever To Load

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Grrrrr !

Oh, Before You Get That Second Check...

What I'd like to see...

What ticks me off is I've seen pictures of a lot of strong bodies just sitting around.

A good thought from prying1.

Blog Free Or Die

As SilverBubble at Echoes Of Forever put it:

This is my blog. I link to whomever I damn well please. If I want to support a political candidate, then I will. You can't stop me. You won't stop me.

Hat Tip: Echoes Of Forever

What Happened To New Orleans ?

A hard hitting piece over at Dagney's Rant.

I will have to look into this further.

Fast-Moving Jeep Fixes Flying Cessna

Yesterday morning in Florida, the landing gear on a student-piloted Cessna failed to lock into place. After the plane circled for an hour, the airport president drove a Jeep underneath the plane at 80 mph while his passenger took a stick and knocked the wheels into place. And that, as they say in the business, was caught on tape.

Hat Tip: [basicblog]

Did Aaron Broussard Lie ?

Remember the weeping Broussard when he appeared on Meet The Press ?

It now turns out that the mother in question died before the hurricane hit, and the water trucks were sent to people who needed them. Neither story is true, but when did truth ever bother a Democrat?

Dead mother link

Wal-Mart link

Hat Tip: Dennis K @ The Flying Monkey-Right Blog

I need to look into this further and see if it's true.

09/19/2005 - Follow Up: Yep ! It's true.

Trying A New Layout

I'm trying out a three column layout for this Blog. Let me know what you think.

Nuvox Sucks

We were without phones or InterNet from 11:58 PM until 3:18 AM last night.
As all of the images and media files are stored and served from my computer at work, anyone visiting this Blog didn't see anything but text. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Ultimate Hippie Vacation !

Jen at Jen's Horde found an excellent opportunity on eBay.

Star Wars Car

There are many ways to NEVER get laid out there. You can vomit on every woman that walks by. You can live with your parents for your whole life and wear a diaper, you can never shower, or you can turn your car into a Star Wars figher.

Hat Tip: Ensellitis (The site no longer exists, RIP)

U.S. Acts To Finish Divisive Border Fence

Leave it to the LA Times to editorialize in it's headline.

Finally the Bush Administration is doing something about the border. It's a small something, but it's a start.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

We're Finally Going Back To The Moon

NASA to unveil moon plan

President George W. Bush called in January 2004 for the United States to return to the moon by 2020 as the first major step in a broader space exploration
vision aimed at extending the human presence throughout the solar system.

NASA's plan, according to briefing charts obtained by, envisions beginning a sustained lunar exploration campaign in 2018 by landing four astronauts on the Moon for a seven-day stay.

NASA to Unveil Plans to Send 4 Astronauts to Moon in 2018

We haven't been there since 1972. I always thought that was a tragedy. Hopefully we will get back on track.

New Orleans Hit By Hurricane Betsy In 1965

In 1965 Hurricane Betsy blasted the Gulf Coast, hitting New Orleans with winds of at least 200 km/h (125 mph). The storm surge left almost half the city flooded and 60,000 residents homeless.

A great post from The Uncooperative Blogger

President Bush Live From New Orleans Tonight

Tonight should be the final night that tells you who you will watch and what paper and magazines you will read, from this day forward, simply by how these producers and publishers report this night. If they report TRUTH I’m with them-- but if they try to report their left leaning views… not what the man actually said… well-- I hope you all stand with me and tell those in the MSM, that might do this-- YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!

I fired SeeBS last year.

I've taken to watching these type of things via the CSPAN feed over the InterNet just so I don't have to listen to the inane commentary of the MSM.

A Boring Book ?

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Wiretap Mosques, Romney Suggests

Romney said in a speech to the Heritage Foundation that the United States needs to radically rethink how it guards itself against terrorism. ''How about people who are in settings -- mosques, for instance -- that may be teaching doctrines of hate and terror," Romney continued. ''Are we monitoring that? Are we wiretapping? Are we following what's going on?"

It's about time someone in Government started taking the Religion Of Hate seriously.

Follow Up: Romney Says Wiretap Even Mosques.
Finally someone talking some sense! I am sorry but we know, the world over, that terrorists use Mosques to teach their hatred. Why do people think this country is any different?

From Brian at The Uncooperative Blogger.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Republican Bill Offers Tax Breaks For New Refineries

It's about time, but then again what's the hurry ? We haven't built a new refinery in thirty years, why start now ?

Gov't may end refinery moratorium

Katrina prompts renewed energy debate

Candidate calls for increase in gasoline supply

Brian Kennedy, a Bettendorf lawyer, said Monday that relying on Gulf Coast-based refineries is “akin to the fleet being parked in a row at Pearl Harbor.”

Virgin plans oil refinery

That title is somewhat amusing...

Congressman Used National Guard To Visit Home

Rep. William Jefferson (D)

Two Heavy Trucks, Helicopter Were Involved in Lawmaker's Trip at Height of Crisis